– Then electric cars will be the cheapest

– Then electric cars will be the cheapest

(Bill24): Although electric car sales are booming in Norway with a massive 92% market share in February, the situation is far from the same as in other countries.

Price is one of the many reasons why the share of electric vehicles is currently fairly low worldwide. The range of affordable electric cars is very limited, although many affordable electric cars are already on the way.

Soon there will be a flood of cheap electric cars

Track the change in 2027

It is analyst firm Gartner that now predicts that the winds are about to turn. The company presented forecasts showing that the production of electric cars will be cheaper than the production of gasoline and diesel cars in 2027.

Not only because components such as batteries are becoming cheaper, but also because electric cars have the opportunity to largely benefit from so-called “Gigacasting”, where larger parts of the car’s body can be cast in a single mold and thus save production. A lot of work in the form of welding many small parts together.

Changing the way cars are built

Changing the way cars are built

Tesla and others looked at manufacturing in a fundamentally different way, said Pedro Pacheco, research vice president at Gartner. Car news europe Regarding the presentation of the report.

Pacheco believes that electric vehicle platforms are easier to adapt to production, because in a common platform you have to take into account things like the fuel tank, engine and gearbox.

At least 20 percent

gigacasting alone believes Pacheco can cut production costs by at least 20 percent for the electric vehicle. In addition, Gartner points out that the battery pack can be used as a structural element in the vehicle, which in turn reduces production costs.

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Gartner expects that global sales of electric vehicles will continue to rise in the coming years, and that half of the cars sold will be electric cars in 2030.

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