– Then the mustache breaks sadly – VG

- Then the mustache breaks sadly - VG
Strong start to the season: Alexander-Amodt Kielde had a very good start to the racing season.

Alexander Amodt Kelde (30) also had a good race in Super G, but he couldn’t follow up Saturday’s downhill win.


source He won the Super G Cup and Downhill Cup last season. On Saturday, he continued the same vein with a win in the opening downhill at Lake Louise in Canada.

After the victory, Kildee wrote “You Must Be the Mustache”. on instagramHe showed off his newly grown mustache.

On Sunday, the stage was set for the opening of Super G. Kildee’s ride was good, and he was ahead of Switzerland’s Marco Odermatt in the first intermediate time. As was the case during Saturday’s race, he was close to the top, but it was the Swiss who pulled the straw the longest.

Kildee finished second and ended up on the podium again.

– It wasn’t the same feeling as yesterday. My husband was not there. Then the mustache laughs, unfortunately, Kildy to Fiaplay.

Odermatt was one of the big pre-race favorites, setting the benchmark with a time of 1:32.53. Kildee finished 37 per cent behind the 25-year-old, who had to see himself beaten by the Norwegian the day before.

– Where did you lose 37 parts of a cent?

– At that time it looked like he was down here (in the goal area), but I don’t quite understand why. At the same time, I managed to follow the plan well, in fact, Kildee replied to Viaplay.

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– What are we going to do with it?

In the downhill, Odermatt was one-tenth behind Kilde, and third. However, in the super-G, it should have been a complete success for Odermatt who escaped with the win.

– For my part, it was actually a well-executed race, but Odermatt, that is. What do we do with it? It’s a piece of cake, hailing Kilde.

Austrian Matthias Mayer finished third, 78 hundredths behind Odermatt.

Adrian Smiseth Sejersted started promisingly as the number 18, but ended up off the track and was unable to finish the race. And Marcus Nordgaard Vosland didn’t manage to finish, ending up outside after 50 seconds.

Henrik Røa was the starter, and finished four seconds clear of Odermatt.

Ugly fall

After pushing the top seven, attention was soon drawn to Mauro Caviezel in eighth place.

The Swiss fell badly at the halfway point, and the race was paused for 20 minutes.

The 34-year-old finally got back to his feet, before being placed on a stretcher and taken away in a helicopter.


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