There are many indications that Google is investing in tablets again

There are many indications that Google is investing in tablets again

Google’s investment in tablets has been quite a bit in recent years, as have the sales numbers. But now a job posting and a change of job title may indicate that they intend to do something about it.

After tablets came on the market between 2011 and 2012, sales numbers rose directly, but since then they have stabilized a bit, and have remained relatively stable in recent years. The figures in the chart below are taken from electronics industry.

Apple has somehow had a firm commitment to this product’s prestige, while Google and Android have been more quiet about it.

However, this may seem to be changing 9to5Google He corrects their assumptions, having noticed a job advertisement from Google that includes, among other things, the following text (translated into Norwegian by Digi):

We believe the future of computing is shifting toward more powerful and better tablets. We’re working to deliver the next chapter with computing and input by launching seamless support across our platforms, and highlighting experiences that open up new and better ways to be productive and creative.

It’s not a good idea to say if this is just marketing bullshit, or if it’s an indication that Google is now paying money and efforts to invest in tablets, but Ars Technica At least he seems to trust the latter, noting that Google co-founder Rich Miner has now updated his job title to “Technical Director of Android Tablets”. He appears to have held this position since March 2021, and as Ars Technica points out, this means that he returned to Android after leaving the Android team at Google in 2010. In any case, this may indicate that Google has now just created a new division for such products. . And when one of the founders is involved, it can be an indication of one’s seriousness.

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Another indication that Google is investing in tablets is relatively recent Android 12L launch, a version specially adapted for large devices such as tablets.

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