May 20, 2022


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There are two things we hope Apple can do with the iPad Pro, and now they can happen

There are two things we hope Apple can do with the iPad Pro, and now they can happen

We started with the iPad Pro 11 and upgraded to the 12.9 model with the M1 chipset. Now we want a bigger screen and significantly improved multitasking for iPad development – is there really another way forward for the product?

Do it Apple, do it!

Before we fully go ahead and tell you that it will be fully launched next week, we have to slow down sharply and say we haven’t heard anything about Apple specifically releasing the iPad Pro, but we do at least know that Apple’s partner BOE has switched one of its factories in China to produce a larger OLED panel For mobile phones and computers.

It’s one thing now, but what’s more interesting is that BOE will likely be Apple’s partner on upcoming iPad panels, and then we can start to release the brakes again.

Mark Gorman from Bloomberg, as we often quote It was already mentioned that Apple is considering bigger iPads, but presumably these are several years at all.

Apple needs to know where to take iPadOS

We hope not, but he could be right: if Apple doesn’t find a better way to use the user interface, they may wait for a screen size upgrade, if not just Must You have 15 inches to take advantage of the improvements.

Once again: We sincerely hope Apple will increase the iPad Pro pad size if They were able to figure out a better way to multitask.

We’re looking at the possibility that Apple will release a 15-inch iPad Pro with an M2 chip.

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