– There is no money for the last salaries – E24

- There is no money for the last salaries - E24

Café chain The Juicery has announced a tender. The doors of the company’s six stores are permanently closed.

Café chain The Juicery is bankrupt.
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Board member Frederic Werner of Ligl’s attorney told E24 that it was the coffee chain’s board of directors that filed for The Juicery’s bankruptcy. According to the bankruptcy petition, the company faced liquidity problems as a result of the Corona pandemic.

Chairman Hans Arne Flatow says the coffee shop chain has not been able to attract new money from shareholders and has therefore become insolvent.

– Corona’s closure kept cafes closed for large parts of 2021, along with fixed costs that led to significant losses and income shortfalls, he wrote in an email.

Juicery was a coffee shop chain focused on vegan foods and cold drinks.

E24 appeared on the company several times due to controversial events. In April, E24 wrote about working conditions at the company, where employees are paid less than required by law and asked to provide a satisfactory history.

Flåto’s boss previously told E24 that he was not involved in operating the company and was unaware that employees were not being paid as they should have been.

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changing concept

The Juicery also previously went bankrupt, but was revived after bankruptcy proceedings. In other attempts, the owners were also unable to get the company to stand on its own two feet.

In May, then-COO Lars Melling stated that The Juicery would change its concept and name to Mash Your Life, starting again in many of the cafe chain’s older buildings.

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It turns out that the company was not able to implement the idea in all branches, because the trustee says that the six stores of The Juicery closed long before bankruptcy.

It’s a little different, but two stores were already closed earlier in the winter and spring, he says.

The company stated that the cafes will be renovated. On the door of a branch in Bislett in Oslo, he wrote that it would reopen in April, and they were looking for staff for a new “sandwich and ice cream bar”.

There are no stakeholders

The branches are already organized as separate companies.

During recent bankruptcy proceedings, trustee Karianne Evje Skiaker was able to sell the concept to The Juicery. Now property manager Werner says there are no parties involved with the concept, and that it would not be possible to sell a consolidated property.

– I do not envision any total sale of this estate. The trustee says it will only be what should be of value in individual businesses.

It does not give any numbers, but indicates that there is “very little” value left in companies.

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The employees went unpaid

E24 previously wrote about The Juicery distributing free products to influencers, while the employees weren’t getting paid.

Board member Flåto says the company has now settled the old wages, but something remains:

– As far as I know, all the old wages have been settled, but for the four full-time jobs and some of the part-time jobs that remain so far, there was no money for the latest wages. He also wrote in the email that it was not possible to settle the accrued vacation pay.

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The trustee says that the debt in the company consists of debts to suppliers and debts to employees and the public sector.

– I gave everything I had

The founder of The Juicery, Abbas Fadl, reported on his Instagram account on April 30 that The Juicery will be closed.

He wrote that the coffee shop chain was very important to him and that the ordeal of recent years had taught him a lot.

– I go to bed knowing that I gave everything I had, he writes in the post.

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