There is no quick fix for those still in Afghanistan

There is no quick fix for those still in Afghanistan
Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Serid (H) at a press conference earlier this month on the situation in Afghanistan.

On Friday, the last Norwegian plane landed in Kabul, Afghanistan. The evacuation mission is complete. Not all Norwegian citizens escaped.

The United States and its allies must use the deadline of August 31 to evacuate people from Kabul, Afghanistan.

On Thursday, two bombs exploded at the city airport. At least 170 people were killed in the attack. IS took charge. The United States and Norway have warned of terrorism in advance.

This attack effectively stopped the evacuation.

Some have thanked her

There are still Norwegian citizens who want to leave the country in Afghanistan. This list is maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is constantly changing. The foreign ministry did not say how many were in it.

– Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soride (H) tells Aftonbosten that it is now unbelievable to give hope that there is a quick fix for those who have not yet left.

In total, Norway has deported about 1,100 people. More than 700 Afghans are staying at the Oslofjord Convention Center in Sandford.

Some of those who were offered evictions have refused, Serid says.

These were recovered

The Foreign Ministry provides an overview of who was expelled from Kabul:

  • Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Embassy.
  • Norwegian citizens.
  • Valid residence or persons associated with Norway.
  • Persons with special security needs.
  • People who worked with Norwegian forces.
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Work continues for those still in the country, Serid insists. But he says he has no vision of other possibilities for departure for the foreign ministry.

– There is a dialogue between many actors to reopen the public area of ​​the airport and open the borders to neighboring countries. This could provide exit opportunities for those who want to leave Afghanistan, says Serid.

He added that they would have liked the opportunity to help the more than 1100 evictees.

More than 100,000 have been evicted

The Foreign Ministry says the situation in Afghanistan is even more chaotic, changeable and dangerous.

Many other countries have completed the mission. Including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark.

On the other hand, the United States has refused to be deterred by terrorists. Now, however, they are beginning to withdraw their troops from the airport, U.S. officials said Saturday.

Since August 14, the United States and its allies have expelled more than 100,000 people.

The Afghanistan Committee also has a list of people they believe should be expelled. This includes activists, minorities and atheists.

Does Norway want Afghanistan back?

The Norwegian Armed Forces is responsible for operating the field hospital at the airport. Fewer than 50 Norwegians remain. They are inside the airport area where they consider security to be a concern.

Derje Waterdall is the country director of the Afghanistan Committee. He hopes to send Norwegian ambassadors back to Afghanistan.

– It should be done while it is safe. When the flyover is built by the UN or when commercial flights resume and security is maintained at the airport, he says.

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The Taliban promised change

It has been three weeks since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. This happened in a very short time when the United States and its allies left the country after 20 years of war. The United States and President Joe Biden have faced harsh criticism.

Many are excited about what Taliban are now waiting for in Afghanistan. They themselves have come up with many promises. They say enemies are forgiven. Women should be allowed to work and educate themselves. Opponents will not be punished. Journalists should be allowed to work quietly. But the condition is that it must take place “within the framework of Islamic law.” There are also dramatic reports of people being killed and abducted by the Taliban.

People fear that the practice of the previous Taliban regime will be resumed. They then insisted on a direct interpretation of Sharia law. Women are not allowed to work outside the home. Women suspected of treason were stoned. Entertainment is prohibited. The hands of the thieves were cut off. People were hanged in public.

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