There is plenty of room for discretion in matters of social assistance • Municipal report

When the Corona pandemic hit the country, the rules were relaxed. The government has instructed Nav to adhere to the requirement to sell a car or house before providing assistance. In addition, they relaxed requirements for documenting expenses.

During the fall, many people called for the return of this scheme. But that’s not relevant, says Employment and Inclusion Minister Mart Miuss Bersen (AP). Instead, Nav will have a new admin ready within a short period of time. It will likely be in place over the next week.

Political signal

This news is very well received by the Norwegian Community Organization (FO), which organizes many Navy personnel.

– This means a lot to both those in need of social assistance and the employees of the Navy. People who are struggling now must be met through a system based on professional assessments. Nav social workers have the necessary experience. Leader Mimi Kivisvik says strict political guidelines should not get in the way.

– This is exactly why we are asking for a new supervisor. as a political signal to facilitate access to social assistance, and should not be automatically shortened when government benefits are increased. Our members must be confident they can use the full scope of the Social Services Act, she says.

Safer navigation personnel

The main objective of the supervisor is to ensure that the Nav staff are aware of and can use the space provided by the Social Services Act.

– There is a lot of scope for work, both in terms of grading and individual assessments. Mjøs Persen tells NTB it’s important for all employees to feel safe in the range they have.

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– Is it appropriate to reduce the condition of selling housing and other valuables?

– First, the current practice does not require that everything of value be sold. And part of the supervisor’s view is that you have to delve into an individual’s financial situation and do individual assessments, says Mjøs Persen.

In contrast to the corona period

She believes that the order from the epidemic is not appropriate to deal with the current situation. At the time, the goal was to help people financially, while at the same time discouraging them from physically visiting Nav offices. It was also important that Nav not be overwhelmed by heavy traffic. She points out that these two things are different today.

– In the current situation, many people suffer from the high cost of living. She says it is important that the needs of those who may be entitled to financial social assistance be assessed.

The Secretary for Employment and Inclusion will also get a better overview of how to recruit for the Nav this fall. Municipalities have now been asked to respond so that an updated overview can be obtained.

The sale of homes should be avoided

Tory deputy leader Henrik Achim believes it is important that Naf is asked to show restraint in asking people to sell their homes and valuables. It is believed that parts of the corona evidence are still relevant.

– We have requested that you can use the guide part of the corona pandemic. There should be no requirement that he dispose of property and the car in order to receive social assistance, Asheim tells NTB.

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Perhaps today’s situation is a temporary crisis, in the same way it was during the pandemic. So, this is a measure that can be introduced temporarily, he believes.

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