– There may be changes in the isolated rules

- There may be changes in the isolated rules

One last round of corona operations was involved Tightening the rules of isolation.

Many, including City Councilor Raymond Johansson (Labor) and Health Councilor Robert Stein (Labor) in Oslo, are now speaking out in favor of easing the rules, hoping the infection will be more widely publicized.

– To a large extent, politicians now write in a column that the rules for isolation and isolation will lead to the absence of a greater number of important social services in the county. V.G..

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They further believe that we should ask ourselves whether isolated rules cause greater harm than disease, and the vast majority are now being vaccinated and given a refreshing dose to vulnerable people.

Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Naxstad did not rule out changes in the area.

– There have actually been adjustments here in recent weeks, and there may be more adjustments in the future, says Nakstad Dagbladet.

– Takes two to three days

– What are the minimum reasonable days for isolation?

– Isolation period during infections has been reduced several times. This is because incubation time with newer virus strains seems to be shorter, says Nuxstad.

With omikron, according to Nakstad, most people who become infected within two or three days become infected themselves, or become infected.

– After seven days, you are less likely to get an infection if you have no symptoms or a positive test. A lot happens in the first week, and you can be very contagious shortly before the symptoms and when you have the symptoms. After a few days, you will no longer be infected.

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This is the basis of the current backup rules, Nakstad explains:

If you are diagnosed with Covit-19, you should be isolated for at least six days under current rules. If you are sick, the number of days the symptoms appear will be counted. If you are asymptomatic, the number of days you have been tested will be counted. In addition, you should be free of the flu for at least 24 hours before meeting people.

Isolated rules are more complex. You will be isolated in close contact with the victim, but the intensity of isolation will vary depending on the nature of the close contact. If you live with an infected person, the isolation is valid for ten days and you have the opportunity to examine yourself on the seventh day. If there is any other close contact with the affected person, you can test yourself on the third day after contact.

– It went downhill and continued to be liberalized in epidemics. Nuxstad says this can be simplified in other ways.

Alignments may occur

There is little indication that the controversial isolation rules for staff in schools and kindergartens will be changed when they are reviewed this week.

Education Minister Tonje Brenna (Labor Party) said V.G. In Romjula, the government will abide by the rules, which means employees are subject to leisure isolation, but exemptions are available during working hours.

Nakstad emphasizes that coronary heart disease, third-dose vaccination and comprehensive testing may reduce the number of isolated days with current regulations.

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– Are there other isolated rules you can waive?

– Everything related to isolation and isolation is constantly evaluated based on what virus variant we have and how it works. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible and to have as many rules as possible, so it’s easy to communicate, says Nuxstad.

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