– There must be an end to this – VG

- There must be an end to this - VG
In the rough: Many are reacting to Martin Sjogren’s embarrassment sitting on the bench when Norway struggled so hard against England yesterday.

OSLO / BRIGHTON (VG) Martin Sjögren (45) days as Norway manager should have been spoken after the European Championship, according to several previous national team profiles.


– It’s a complete disaster for coaches. First, it is a naive approach to struggle. When you do nothing and say you have to make a big change, but choose to wait until the break. What are you waiting for next? Says Siri Nordby to VG.

The woman who has participated in 43 caps is quite clear that Martin Sjogren Not He is the right man for the job.

– You said a lot of fun on Twitter that they should just take that party bus home, but that probably won’t happen. It should have happened earlier. I said before that I don’t believe in him as a clear coach.

Flag on chest: Siri Nordby in play for the national team in 2007.

Do you think they would have had a better chance against Austria on Friday without him?

– It’s hard to say. It’s hard for someone else to get into the middle of the tournament. I don’t know if it will make it better, but something needs to be done after the tournament, there’s no doubt about that. Unfortunately, it may be too late.

Although Sjögren has a contract beyond WC next year, Nordby believes the NFF should let the Swede actually go after EC.

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– Yes Yes. But then I would take those words if Norway climbs to the top in this European Championship, but when you meet a good opponent and you play so naive when you have this history and experiences from the past, it can be difficult.

Nordby receives support from former national team profile Linda Medalin, who has 152 appearances with the flag on her chest. It is not fully understood that Sjögren has his contract extended in 2021.

– That was so terrible. It was a complete meltdown. The joints were not connected, at the same time there were a lot of personal errors. Medalen tells VG that it went to nerves or knowledge or it went too fast for them.

SLUKØRET: Ada Hegerberg walks towards the locker room after vanishing against England.

– What do you think the coaching staff is as passive as them?

– So I’m cursed. To be honest, he has to go back to his homeland in Sweden. I think it is very negative. His tactical judgment is very weak at this level. There must be an end to this. It doesn’t work at all. If I were on this team, I would be pissed.

– Did he lose his wardrobe after this?

– Yes, he has enough. There is no going back after this.

World Cup winner: Linda Medalen (#2 from left) lifts the 1995 WC Cup with goalkeeper Bente Nordby. Others pictured are Nina Neimark-Andersen (5), Heidi Storr, Gro Esbeth, and Heggy Reese.

At the meeting with the press the next day, Sjögren himself did not want to focus too much on his person.

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I try not to focus too much on what people think. We’re doing everything we can, the whole team and I, we’re in this together,” says the Brighton national team manager to the press.

When asked directly if he was concerned about his job after the flu, he answered this:

– number. Right now I can’t think much of it, and it’s not up to me either. I’m not the one who pulls me away when it’s windy. It is important here to work hard to change the situation, and there are very good chances of reaching the quarter-finals. I have no ideas trying to quit this mission, it would be too cowardly.

Jarl Eric Tursk has been in the NFF system for a number of years and had many stars of the day when he was the coach of the J19 national team from 2001 to 2013. Therefore, he has a strong relationship with many players in the A today. National team.

Cod is currently in Brighton on holiday, saw the 0-8 loss from the stands. He says he experienced it all as a mixture of shock and disappointment.

– It was a bad experience. You are undressed throughout the game. At the relational and individual levels. England destroyed us. 8-0 is not one goal too many. It could have been much worse. They ran all over the place, and we couldn’t cover the rooms, Torske tells VG.

It is believed that they had already received a warning the first time England attacked.

The 4-4-2 method means we cannot cover any room. I saw tendencies that we were terribly vulnerable on the edges. Julie Blackstad received a little help, but she also didn’t come back. I don’t want to blame her more than the others, because this was a team failure, asserts the 73-year-old, who also believes that the first defensive task of the offensive players was too lenient.

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You don’t want to judge SJÖGREN: Jarl Eric Tursk.

Codd agrees with Medalin and Nordby that she should have been taken all the way. At the same time, he believes that it can be difficult in the heat of battle.

– It is always a question of whether one can take action earlier. I will not judge The. But with the entrance we had, we were not so lucky. Maybe you should put an extra player in the back joint.

What are your thoughts on Martin Sjörgren’s position?

– I really don’t have any ideas about that. This is a team that has done well from time to time, but you know you are always asked questions when you go to make a fuss. I saw that they gathered the group after yesterday’s match. It is now important that they do the same for Austria. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time analyzing this.

Cod is disappointed that the gap between the best is apparently greater than many think, including itself.

– There’s a lot of pressure around them now. But that was just one match. This team has done well from time to time, but has rarely been tested against the best. But what I’m pretty sure of is that this is a revenge gang. I think they can respond to Austria. Then suddenly came the quarter-finals, says the 73-year-old.

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