There was a split in the presidency over pay regulation. 45,000 crore says there is no proposal for a pay rise.

There was a split in the presidency over pay regulation.  45,000 crore says there is no proposal for a pay rise.

Sporting’s leadership says it is not unanimous on the proposal for a simultaneous NOK of 45,000 pay inclusion for 2020 and 2021. But the parties strongly disagreed on what the pay rise should be.

Sporting President Masood Karahkani has failed to create a majority to cripple the salary levels of politicians.

The President’s Office convened this morning at 0815 to address the final round of pay settlement for the Storting delegates. All parties agree to have a zero solution by 2020. But beyond that, there is no majority for any project:

  • They want to freeze workers’ wages.
  • SV and Rødt want to cut wages.
  • The Conservatives, the Liberal Party and the Socialist People’s Party will ask the pay commission to submit a new plan after this spring’s pay settlement.

Therefore, it is completely uncertain what the pay increases will be for MPs and government members in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Now all parties have reported the cards. Next week, the president will send a separate recommendation to Sporting in the Plenary, which will vote on this round and decide the matter.

The reason is that Sporting has not regulated pay as the report on pay for elected representatives at all levels has been pending since 1 May 2019.

More revelations

Meanwhile, a number of revelations and incidents have eroded confidence in politicians and institutions: Passenger homes, Remuneration pay Holiday pay and resignation of Sporting chairman this fall are key words.

Today, the salaries of the country’s leading politicians are:

  • Representatives of Storting: NOK 987,997
  • Prime Minister: 1. 735. 682 Kroner
  • Ministers: 1. 410. 073 Kroner
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In the fall, Storting’s own pay panel put forward a proposal to increase wages in line with immigration within the pre-subjects: 1.7 percent by 2020 and 2.7 percent by 2021. This framework is used as the basis for most pay solutions. The private and public sectors are commonly referred to as “ordinary people”.

The proposal would provide the following new salaries:

  • Representatives of Storting: 1,032. 838 Kroner
  • Prime Minister: 1,814. 454 Croner
  • Ministers: 1,474. 056 Croner

Crossed a million

This means that Sorting’s salary will exceed one million kroner for the first time. Both SV and Rødt have voted for pay cuts in previous years. Following the revelations about political life in Løvebakken, many fear the consequences of such a pay rise. Although the percentage corresponds to the settlements of ordinary people.

Just before Christmas, the Labor Party’s parliamentary committee agreed to suspend pay from 2019. SV wanted to reduce wages and then give elected representatives the same amount of kroner as the average for most people in future settlements.

– The Conservatives, the Liberal Party and the Socialist People’s Party agree that, in principle, we follow the recommendations of the Wages Committee. But it was a special time. Sweeney Harberg, the Conservative Party’s first vice president, says we’re very out.

– Therefore we believe that the solution should be postponed and not implemented now. We urge the committee to come up with a new recommendation as soon as the wage settlement is made in 2022, but without including the regulation for 2020, says Harberg.

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– In 2020 we will avoid regulation. We are asking if the pay panel will come up with a new recommendation after the pay settlement this spring, says Morden Vault, FRP’s third vice president.

Together with Nils T. Bjørke, the second vice president of Sp, they support in principle that the starting pay panel should follow the plan. The signals indicate that the KrF and the Liberal Party will land at a single glance. Then the Conservative, Green and Socialist People’s Party will get the majority.

Labor: Order is important

– We stick to our plan. Masood Karahkani, head of ABS Sorting, says he wants to freeze the salaries of Sporting delegates and government members until we have an active cleanup.

He cites a committee reviewing all plans for Storting’s delegates and the government’s announced analysis of state executive salaries.

– We want to resolve wage disparities in society. For us, order is important to regain trust, says Karahkani.

Ingrid Fiskaa, the SV’s fifth vice president, was “disappointed that the majority postponed the case.”

– This will allow Sorting delegates to continue to spend at the salary level and increase the distance between the elected representatives and those they represent, says Fisca.

SV will support the Labor Party’s proposal for a wage freeze in the alternative party.

Bjørnar Moxnes of Rødt says, “It is good that the president has rejected the aid committee’s plan to raise hair.”

– But it is cowardly for them to push the decision on a pay rise further for the presidency and the parliamentary majority. Rødt believes the pay freeze is not enough, but Moxnes says we should close the door on millions of salaries for MPs.

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