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To menn med solbriller sit på ein benk og blir intervjua av ein reporter

When we were growing up, it was not manly to talk about feelings. Through movies, series, and pop culture in general, we’ve been taught that boys shouldn’t cry.

Abu Bakr “Abu” Hussain says so.

He is, among other things, the host of the “Med All Respekt” radio show, and a familiar face on the “Sofa” show. In the latter, he comments on what is happening on TV with his best friend Mayoo Indiran.

In 2016, Abu went through a difficult period with heart failure and depression, and was looking for someone who could help him start training.

The turning point was the letter to Mayoo Indiran, then known from Paradise Hotel.

In that letter, I saw a person asking for help to find the spark of life again and to live and survive. Then we started training together, found chemistry and became best friends,” says Mayoo.

There is always a good atmosphere between “Abu Bakar” “Abu Hussain” and “May Indiran”.

Photo: Ulrik Kramer/NRK

performance and competitions

According to psychologist Tommy Monsen-Sutkajervi, men often become friends on the basis of common interests.

A meeting place for sports activities or other things.

Traditionally, men have often been more socialized through physical play, achievements, and competitions since they were boys. Sutkajervi adds that men and boys are often more physical than women in their interactions with others.

While the socialization of women has been largely through conversations since they were girls. Their relationship with friends is often characterized by a deeper connection with more sharing of feelings, he says.

Few men ask for help

Furthermore, he points out that even though times have changed, there are still differences in how men and women express emotions.

– When men feel unwell, they are more inclined to withdraw without having someone to talk to about their feelings, explains the psychiatrist.

Psychologist, Tommy Monsen Sutkajervi

According to psychologist Tommy Monsen-Sutkajervi, men often become friends on the basis of common interests.

– This is why men – at the group level – can cope worse when they suffer psychologically. He adds that fewer men than women seek help from others, and this can have very negative consequences.

– Be strong in the head

Abu and Mayu know how hard it is to talk about boys about how one is In fact own it.

When they were growing up, it was not socially acceptable for a boy to show emotion.

– There was no room for talking about feelings, says Abu.

It had a huge impact on both of them, and especially on Mayoo:

when you grow up in ghetto In Stovner you can’t cry or show emotion. You must show anger and aggression. Being strong, he says, had a completely different meaning to me then than it does now.

He adds that it is now about being strong to be able to handle the situation and deal with the challenges you face.

– Universe Strong in the head, simply put, a bullet in Abu.

Two men holding each other and laughing

You can watch Abubakar “Abu” Hussain and May Indiran on NRK 1’s “Best Friends of the World” on Saturday.

Photo: Ulrik Kramer/NRK

progress in the past ten years

Both feel there is much more room for boys to talk about feelings now than there was 10 years ago.

It’s an important progress. Abu stresses that it is important to focus on men’s mental health.

They have found in each other a person with whom they can share their innermost thoughts.

Mayoo says, I didn’t let anyone else into my life other than Appu.

In their friendship there is room for both nonsense and nonsense, as well as more serious topics.

It’s good to see that men can also have this type of friendship. To have a friend with whom you can talk openly and honestlyadd Mayoo.

Get to know Abu and Mayo better at “best friends in the world” On NRK 1 on Saturday at 19.50.

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