There will be a bus to the trail this summer

There will be a bus to the trail this summer

Extensive maintenance work will begin on Sunday. When the work is completed, the tunnel will run even faster.

Throughout July, travelers traveling from Majorstuen to Nydalen or Sognsvann will have to settle on alternatives other than the metro.
  • Christian Friedrich Borg
    Christian Friedrich Borg


The tunnel tracks in Oslo are screaming for improvement. The area between Blindern and Ullevål in particular needs urgent renewal.

Therefore, the entire Sognsvannsbanen will be closed this summer. From Sunday, July 3 to July 26, there will be a bus service between Majorstuen and Sognsvann. Passengers on line 4 between Majorstuen and Nydalen are also affected.

– Encouragement to calculate a little extra good time. Use the Travel Planning and Router app for updated information. Ruter’s correspondent ystein Dahl Johansen says it’s better to use other travel alternatives if you have the opportunity.

These improvements mean that the speed of metro trains can be increased. After the upgrade, passengers will be saved one minute between Majorstuen and Sognsvann, Sporveien Aftenposten reports.

Noise at night

Work is underway in July for the benefit of neighbors and travelers. In some parts of the month, work will be done 24 hours a day. According to Sporveien, this means the construction period can be completed quickly.

Router does not think Sognsvann has many people to swim with or use Marga. So, they would not believe that this summer’s closure would have much to say. Four subway departures will be replaced by six express buses per hour.

– Should one choose other places for swimming and walking?

– Now we are very lucky to live in a city with plenty of opportunities for swimming and marquee experiences. Every individual has to consider. It is still possible to travel by bus for the train, Doll Johansson responds.

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Alternative buses will run from Majorstone. The stop is at the Colosseum Theater.

Code sites

The purpose of the work is to extend the life of the existing infrastructure. Operations will be more stable and capacity will increase in the coming years.

– In addition, this work will lead to less noise for residents near station areas, says Tor George Solid, the tunnel’s track manager, in a statement.

At the Blindern station, switches must be removed to reduce noise from the metro. The distance between the platform and the train should also be reduced.

The work is very extensive in the Ulvel, Sporvian states. Both switches and rails need to be replaced. The masses under the tracks are replaced by new ones. The edges of the stage in the alley have also been cut.

The Holstein station will also be upgraded. The goal is to make this station more accessible to more people.

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