There's one thing in particular that makes the new Tesla Model 3 relevant

There's one thing in particular that makes the new Tesla Model 3 relevant

Since its introduction, the Tesla Model 3 Performance has been the most fun to drive in the model range. Yes, the Tesla Model S Plaid is still faster, but it's also a big, heavy car.

The Model 3 is no beast on the road, but its nearly 4.7m length makes it very versatile. The weight of the updated Model 3 Performance was not mentioned in Tesla's press release, but if the regular Model 3 Long Range AWD is used as a basis, the new car should weigh no more than 1850 kg.

In comparison, the BMW i4 M50 weighs 2215kg, while the all-wheel drive Polestar 2 has a curb weight of 2113kg according to the Road Traffic Information Board.

New structure

The Model 3 received a facelift last year, and naturally a performance variant in the Sport would follow.

The special thing now is that Tesla for the first time includes adaptive shock absorbers, something that only the X and S could boast.

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It's safe to hope that this will provide more sportiness and more comfort.

The Model 3 Performance also gets increased body rigidity and upgraded springs, bushings and stabilizer bars.

Tesla still includes a separate Track mode where the dampers can be adjusted, but the company also writes that the drivetrain itself is “optimized for performance.”

In any case, it bodes well that Tesla is finally offering an adaptive chassis, which the Model Y could certainly benefit from today, as many view it as a fairly rigid car.

Strong offers

According to Tesla, the new generation of electric motors will deliver more than 460 horsepower, and is scheduled to accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3.1 seconds. It's 0.2 seconds quicker than the old Model 3 Performance, but it's worth noting that Tesla uses what's called a rolling start, where the car is already in motion when the time is measured.

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There's no reason to doubt that the new Model 3 Performance will be a fast car after all.

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20-inch wheels are standard and the rear tires have been made wider to improve stability. In addition, the car is equipped with new brake pads that can withstand high temperatures.

More exciting design

One slightly disappointing element of the old Model 3's performance was that from the outside it looked almost identical to the regular Model 3. Tesla has now realized that it has to change that, because the new car has replaced the front and rear bumpers with more aggressive frames. appearance.

A new rear diffuser is also in place as well as a carbon fiber spoiler.

On the inside, the car is available with a new carbon fiber decor that Tesla has not presented before, but what is most interesting is that the car gets new sports seats with increased side support.

One of the changes to the new 3 Performance is the sports seats.  These are new and available as standard equipment.  Image: Tesla

One of the changes to the new 3 Performance is the sports seats. These are new and available as standard equipment. Image: Tesla

the highest price

A regular, rear-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 costs NOK 387,600 including taxes. If you add another roughly 90,000 NOK, you get the Model 3 with all-wheel drive and a range of up to 629 kilometres.

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In terms of range, the Model 3 Performance places itself between these, because it also has all-wheel drive and a large battery, but the tires, rims and styling knobs take up a little of the range. The performance model will cover 528 kilometers and costs NOK 589,765 including taxes.

According to Tesla's website, deliveries begin in May.

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