Therese Juhaug and Nils Jacob Hoff:

Therese Juhaug and Nils Jacob Hoff:

There is no doubt that the skating star Therese Juhaug (33) He had every reason to smile on the way to the new year. rower and ex-boyfriend Niels Jacob Hof (37) He got on his knees and got a yes from her on December 31st.

Although Johaug has a lot to look forward to in the future, there are other things to come. Friday came the news that has I decided to give up as a cross country skier after the season.

The message came shortly after she returned home from the Olympics in Beijing earlier this year, taking home three individual Olympic gold medals.

Now, however, she has been a guest “Juhuge Ridksjohnen”, a podcast of former high-profile athletes Martin Eck-Hagen (30) and her colleague Katherine Meiner. There she opens up about the engagement, wedding plans, and what she thinks about the future.

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– Celebrate properly

Johaug, who has been with Hof for eight years, tells in more detail in the episode about the romantic courtship that took place this Christmas. Among other things, she was able to reveal that she did not expect to be released.

– It came to me very unexpectedly that he should do it. I didn’t think he’d do that before the Olympics, because he probably thought I was in the Olympic bubble and that minute there. She says it was so nice to get down on his knees and skates on his legs.

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Skistjerna is following up on the fact that her boyfriend requested permission from his father in November of last year. By that time he had already started planning their first birthday together.

She doesn’t hide the fact that there were some tears when Hof introduced her to her, and that he did a good job. As a newly engaged couple, there was no doubt that they should be celebrated.

– I didn’t exactly have plans to release me on Christmas Eve. This is the biggest thing that has happened in my life. That experience and feeling shouldn’t have passed, so we celebrated properly. The next day they were both in bed and they were filthy, it takes courtship, she says with a laugh.

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After the engagement, she quickly began planning the wedding. However, it was interrupted when the couple traveled to the Olympics. But she keeps up with the fact that she’s envisioning a winter wedding, but exactly where it will take place, they’re still not sure.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Jørn Ernst, Therese Johaug’s manager, who has no further comment on the case.

– It’s tough

Now there are many who are thinking about what she will fill in for Johaug in the coming days, after she goes on her last ski race at Holmenkollen this weekend. During the episode, she did not hide the fact that it was a difficult decision.

– I simply don’t know, I think it’s very difficult. I’ve now gone to my last Olympics, so I’m not sure where to go. I think somehow I have to use the time in the future to figure out what I really want. But I know there is a time for everything and that I’m starting to age, she admits.

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On the other hand, she is quite sure that she will devote more time to the Johaug team, as she can go deeper into the work and increase her involvement on the job.

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The 33-year-old says she can’t imagine she would be involved in anything to fight for fifth place. She knows with herself and that the Norwegian people expect seats on the podium, and will do nothing half-heartedly.

In recent years, Johaug has realized that she is totally dependent on life along with her skateboarding career. However, she does not hide the fact that an increase in the family may be out of the question.

– I should feel like I’m living a little too. Then if I wanted to have a family. We girls are not like boys who can only put in a little effort and carry on traveling like before. But we see what Marit (Bjorggen, editor’s note) has achieved, and she has two children, so we’ll see, she says.

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