Therese Juhaug: – I defend Engfield

Therese Juhaug: – I defend Engfield

Bettostollen (VG) Therese Juhaug, 33, says that the return of Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg, 30, to the Cross Country World Cup means a lot to her.

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Juhaug held a press conference Thursday afternoon ahead of the opening of the suburb this weekend in Bittulen.

Ingvild Flugstad Østberg has not skied since March 2020 due to a lack of a health certificate. Now she is ready to race the World Cup again. She is leaving Betustolen this weekend, but she will go to the World Cup in Roca next weekend.

Engfield means a lot to me. Johog says she is generous, caring, cheerful and makes my daily life and my life nice.

Winter Preparation: Therese Juhaug was photographed in Bettostoln on Thursday.

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– I missed her so much. We spent a lot of time together and trained a lot together. It was unusual that we were not with her, but one does get used to it. Still, it’s gratifying that she’s in the gang again and that she’s going to Ruka, says Gohoge – and it shows both will be in the World Cup finals in Finland next weekend.

When asked about the criticism of Ingfeld Flugstad Ostberg, who went out to the World Cup without getting results, the friend replied:

– I have a great understanding that there are different opinions on this subject. Everyone has their own arguments for and against, but I advocate for Ingvild and the Ski Association. Ingvild has achieved impressive results for a number of years, bringing podiums and medals to Norway. The girl has not been lying on the sofa for a year and a half. I trained and prepared every day to ski. The Norwegian Skating Association sees this as well, and physical tests show that she’s maintaining a good level. And now the importance of the Olympic Games and international results.

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I think she definitely deserves this place.

Good buses: Therese Juhaug (left) and Engfeld Flugstad Ostberg.

Engfield would never have gone to Rocca if she had felt she was in an “ass” state.

On how the friendship with Ingvild Flugstad Østberg developed through adversity, Johaug says:

It’s so nice that we can support each other through thick and thin. It shows that we really exist as friends and teammates. It is good to be evaluated and seen in adversity and when you win the gold medal at the World Cup. That girlfriends enjoy the results that are achieved. We can share a lot of experiences on the way forward. It’s gratifying that Ingvild is finally back in action.

– She was there for me the whole time. She got out of it first and she came up with her experiences about what it means to not be able to share and work toward what you want, Ingvild Flugstad Østberg tells VG.

Sometimes flipping a text message is enough. Other times we can talk together. These are very normal things that other friends do. Friendship with Thérèse was important, Ice Skating continues.

Corona means we’ve had to keep our distance for a while, but when we’re together, we’re together at each other’s homes or we go out to dinner. These are the usual things.

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Regarding Juhoj’s ability to get through the “difficult” days, Ostberg replied:

One thing is her mood and attitude – which gives her positive energy. It is important at such a stage. At least as important is the caring and combination part of showing understanding and knowing you’re going through a rough time. on those things there. It’s completely raw.

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Johaug says at the press conference that she is sticking with the plan to drop the Tour de Ski and instead prioritizing higher stays.

I will be staying in the midst of Christmas until the 27th or 28th of December. Then I come home until January 9th. I feel like I need a break from home to be mentally prepared for the Olympics to do my best. I have to be mentally prepared and ready for the Olympics.

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