These apps do not allow you to quit without a subscription

These apps do not allow you to quit without a subscription

An annoying new scam.

Music Paradise player is one of the many applications of the Russian developer.  Many of them are now gone from the App Store.  The reason for the removal is not clear, but it is reasonable to think that it has to do with the creative way in which they sell subscriptions.

You’re usually safe if you download apps from the Apple and Google app stores and not from the Internet. But from time to time, ugliness also appears in the App Store.

Now a small amount of applications with a rather special behavior have been found; It cannot be closed until you purchase a subscription.

It is not about worms or so-called ransomware. But instead, there is some kind of fraud or method of persuasion where it seems that you have to pay to get rid of the application you have on your screen.

that it the edge Which reports on apps from developers Music Paradise and Groove Vibes – which appear to be the same company and developer.

The apps were found by developers Kosta Eleftheriou and Jeff Johnson, who tested several developer apps and found that the subscription box that pops up instantly on first run can remove the “x” the window closes in and disable the keyboard shortcut to exit the app.

Apps can still be forced out of the task list that you retrieve using the keyboard shortcut CMD + Alt + Esc, or from the command prompt. This is usually reserved for apps that have stopped responding completely since forcing apps to stop or shutdown computers, isn’t entirely without risk. This can happen in the middle of writing to important files and create problems the next time.

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But here are the usual graphical possibilities that each individual application should always have on the system.

The app first found with this somewhat creative “evolution” is called My Metronome, while some apps from Music Paradise also work in the same way. There are also apps from the company in the App Store that work as they should.

The Verge reported that My Metronome has been removed from the App Store, and at the time of writing it appears that other apps are also no longer available on Mac, while the App Store on mobile phones shows several titles from the company.

One of the apps is an audio editing app that costs as much as $125 per year, or 1,100 kroner, which ranked 74th among the most profitable apps in the store, despite a poor user rating of 1.9. In app reviews, he mentions that hardly any of the jobs work without pay.

Elvitrio, who first founded My Metronome, explained to The Verge that the developers behind it have apparently tried different ways to force subscriptions over several years.

Johnson, for his part, took a look at who’s behind Music Paradise LLC and Groove Vibes. His pursuit led him through Akadem GmbH and finally to an address in Novosibirsk, Russia.

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