These are the best odds in MGP – Melodi Grand Prix – Eurovision Song Contest – NRK

These are the best odds in MGP - Melodi Grand Prix - Eurovision Song Contest - NRK

everyone 21 artists He will fight for first place in the Melody Grand Prix – the entry ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest.

One of them is Elsa Sulesvik from Haugesund, who has been involved in music all her life.

Many have certainly heard her voice before. She broke through when she was 17 years old with pop hit Elsa & Emilie. The song “Run” was popularized by the series “Shame” as it was used as a soundtrack. Today, the song has over nine million plays on Spotify.

Elsa and Emily on stage in 2015.

Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / NRK

On top of the odds

But now the young artist has chosen to pursue a solo career, releasing her first single “Death of Us”. It’s this song you’ll be performing on stage on Saturday.

Not only that, Elsa Solzvik now In the forefront of possibilities to MGP, and therefore is the top favorite to win the entire competition.

– He’s so sick, gorgeous, and beyond all expectations! I feel like I don’t quite believe in it! It feels very unrealistic. Especially when there are so many good songs!

Snapshot of MGP's odds

The young artist is at the top of the list of MGP prospects.

Photo: screenshot from EurovisionWolrd / Facsimile

Several strong candidates

Subwoolfer and Maria Bølla are second and third on the prospects list, but for the 25-year-old, it’s the NorthKid squad that she considers her biggest competitor.

– I think NorthKid will do well, but there are so many good songs here, so I really feel that all the other nine in the final can escape with their victory!

NorthKid’s vocalist, Bilal Saab won Stjernekamp in 2019 and he has already melted many Norwegian hearts.

Click on the image

NorthKid is probably fourth.

Photo: NorthKid/Press photo

Although there are many strong candidates, the 25-year-old will do his best to reach the top. She herself believes that one of her strengths about the artist is that she loves everything about playing music.

I love everything from working in the studio to concerts, but also creating content for social media and working with all the administrators. And when the job is fun, you can work a lot!

– She has also released some music before, as a songwriter and artist. She concludes that this means that I have some knowledge of the industry and how things work.

Delfinale 1, which kicks off on NRK1 on Saturday 15 January at 19.50.

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