These are the new activities

These are the new activities

At 4pm on Thursday, the government will hold a press conference on the Corona situation in Norway.

The government is introducing several national measures to delay the spread of the Omigran variant. Among other things, it is recommended to keep your distance and avoid shaking hands and squeezing.

In Oslo a major epidemic erupted over the Omigron variant in connection with a Christmas table. People from municipalities around Oslo and around the capital participated. In addition, infection of the Omigron variant has been confirmed in some travelers from gygarden and South Africa to Norway.

National activities

– The government is closely monitoring the situation. Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store says we cannot deny that drastic measures will come later if necessary.

The following national measures have been introduced:

  • Keep a distance of one meter from others. Avoid squeezing (fresh) and shaking hands.
  • Home office potential workplaces should ensure that employees work from home throughout the week or a portion, for example, 50 percent of the company as a whole (new), without compromising vital and essential services
  • We urge adults to consider whether they can reduce the number of close contacts (new) to some extent.
  • The use of masks is a national recommendation in conjunction with the Health and Care Service.
  • There is a national recommendation to use face masks on public transportation, taxis, shops and shopping centers that are not within walking distance. It is also recommended to use masks in crowded and difficult places. To keep the distance, e.g. You will take off your jacket at the same time as many others after an event or when leaving the football field.
First Oslo case: One person has been diagnosed with a new corona type of omigron. Host: Vegard Krüger.
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Regional activities

Regional measures have been introduced in municipalities affected by the continuous eruptions of the Omigron variant, and there is a large burden on specialized health services. Municipalities belonging to the admission area of ​​Agarshas University Hospital are included. Many of these municipalities are part of a single residential and working area where there is high mobility.

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The following regional activities in the selected municipalities have been introduced with regulations:

  • It is mandatory to use masks in shops, malls, restaurants, public transport, indoor areas and taxis if you cannot keep a distance of at least one meter. The obligation to wear a mask does not apply to children under 12 or those who are unable to wear a mask for medical or other reasons. It is recommended to wear a mask where there are more people and it is difficult to keep your distance, for example, the way you are going to pick up your jacket after an event or leave a football field while there are many others.
  • Home offices should ensure that employees work from home throughout the week or part of the workplace, where possible, without compromising vital and essential services. For example, employees can do this by working half the time from home.
  • Number controls for individual indoor events up to 100 people in a public place or on rent / borrowed premises.
  • Restaurants and organizers are required to register guests to notify guests in the event of an infection.
  • Requirements for alcohol table service for restaurants and events licensed to serve alcohol
  • All guests must have seats in liquor licensed restaurants
  • Number controls for indoor events without 600 (200 meetings) fixed seats.
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