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Aksel Hennie i Førstegangstjenesten. SPERREFRIST fredag 29.10.21 kl. 06.50

– It’s great that Aksel can join, Herman Flesvig tells NRK.

This season, Hermann Fleiswig has hit the big drum and brought in international-level shooters.

To put it mildly, it is Dhaka for drama and intrigue, because both Axel Heaney and Christopher Hivju have played action roles before.

Hennie played, among other things, in “Hercules” and “The Doorman”, and Hivju in “Game of Thrones” before now appearing in the world of Herman Flesvig “First Time Service”.

Recognized: Aksel Hennie is recognized here in Norway and internationally.

Photo: Hannah Hoeglin Rifheim

I asked Axl in awe if he would join, and then he said yes. I thought I was pretty cool, says Flesvig.

– he’s crazy

As Aksel Hennie makes his service debut for the first time, Kristofer Hivju has been with us all the way.

– he’s crazy. He says about Hivju, I love crazy people.

– He has crazy energy and crazy strength. He is also very good to work with. Both he and Hennie are very good professionals.

Christopher Hivju I Game of Thrones.

“Game of Thrones”: Christopher Hivju I, “Game of Thrones”

Photo: HBO Nordic

– We had so much fun

On Wednesday, it was also known that shame star Josephine Frieda is in this year’s season.

Working with Josephine has been so much fun. We’ve actually had a pretty long run around who’s going to take on this role.

– and they do just as well as we hoped they would be cute, sweet, and annoying. Flesvig said earlier this week that it was perfect.

In addition to Aksel Hennie, Kristofer Hivju and Josefine Frida are also well-known profiles such as Mikkel Niva and Jonas Kinge Bergland.

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