These are the winners of Roots –

These are the winners of Roots -

BAnett has attracted eight winners who will each receive a Roots Card for three days.

Karina Helen Jensen wins Roots Roots for her adorable description of the Highasasakite concert in 2019. Here is her picture from the concert.
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In our contest, we asked readers to share their best Roots memory, and we picked eight winners. Several winners have fond memories from Roots to tell, watch them below here.

Winners can pick up the Roots Pass at Brønnøysunds Avis, Storgata 23 (ie in the «Milan Building», just south of the festival entrance, but on the second floor, with the entrance at the rear of the building).

* Karina Helen Jensen

«My best memory of Roots is definitely from Roots 2019, Friday July 19th when up to a kite Enter the stage! Goosebumps moment!

The audience is completely calm when Ingrid Helen comes from the right side of the stage in all-white with a black cloak and wears a large skull and crossbones in front of her head, while the sound of beating is heard over the megaphone. heart. Did I mention goosebumps?

At the back of the wall on the stage is a huge screen and there you see a heart beating in sync with the music, it’s a moment I can still close my eyes and see for myself.

You feel it pulsing through your body from the bass in the speakers and get a little shocked when you stop in the middle and just stand there and own that stage as the beating heart rings out over the festival area! # Goosebumps again

Then another member of the band comes in and slowly raises the mask as she opens the show by singing Heart of Uranium! Goosebumps again.

They take us through song after song and I join in from start to finish, with the rest of the audience wanting more when they say “Thank you for the Brønnøysund and Roots Festival”. He goes from there a bit animated, full of adrenaline, smiling from ear to ear and has a memory that fits well to this day. For the band and I sincerely hope they come back to Rootsen to let us experience the great music live and not least their stage show!

It’s and will be my best Roots memory so far, I’ll probably get the best new Roots memory if I win one pass this year – crossing my fingers.»

*Ellen Steni

«The year was 2005 and it was the last day before the holidays and one week before my wedding in Brunei. He worked in a bank in Oslo and after lunch 3 masked people broke into and robbed the bank. It was Friday and I had a ticket with Widerøe to Brønnøysund the next day. There was, of course, an uproar with both the police and the presentation of a psychiatrist, but I “had” to go home to get ready for the wedding. Traveled on a Saturday and was pretty tired but a nice band, which I believe is from Ireland, survived with some singing on the trip north. When we landed in Brunoy, I spotted a bunch of Norwegian flags and thought they “liked” the band, something they thought too. But … it was the bachelorette party that came to “steal.” We visited different places in Brønnøy but ended the evening in Rootsen in lovely weather. She also spoke this way to me through my experiences of theft when many of the people I met heard about the incident. It was the end of the evening that I was on my way home in a Harley dressed as a cowboy… The next week I got married.”

* Camila Bigato

«Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to go to the Roots party because of. time and money, but I guess it was in 2008 when it happened in Tørrfiskbrygga and Turboniger It was evening. I worked in the bar and the temperature inside the hall became quite unruly. I took a break to get in and watch as I collect the empty bottles. Then the band was given a lot of amsdal bottles (with flavors) that cooled the whole audience with this watery flavor. I remember very well how much fun this was to the audience and how strong the sweet smell of blueberries was throughout the hall.»

*Tough Strand

«Undoubtedly – Mary Bowen with the band 19.7.2014. She was the first artist to graduate this evening. You captivated the audience. The audience stood completely still and just listened. They listened to a language they didn’t fully understand but in a way that was still understandable…magic!

I grew up in Finnmarksvidda, and knew her very well as an artist. In addition, she went to school for 9 years in the same class with guitarist, Roger Ludvigsen.»

* Trudy Marina H Skogmo

* Evie Ribbin

* Aurora Loves Holm

* Mona Thorgersen Laukvik


Lots of root tickets left


How to Earn Free Roots Pass

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