These are the worst habits of hotel guests, according to cleaners

MOR OG DATTER: Å ha Maya hos seg på Karmøy er noe Larisa og Cosmin har jobbet for å få til veldig lenge.

Are you staying at a hotel this summer? This way you can make the cleaners’ work day easier.

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Their work is invisible to guests, but the cleaners do important work in the hotel – and also work that the body can wear.

So, the trade union magazine asked the cleaners at the Britannia Hotel in Trondheim, what are the worst guest habits – and how we can make the cleaners’ work day easier.

This way we can also show that the guests notice and respect the work that the cleaners do.

Cleaner and Fellesforbundet member Roxanne Gustavsen and home economics expert Sandra Kleinow appear, sharing experiences.

LONG EXPERIENCE: Home economist Sandra Kleinau, reindeer herder, ‘supervisor’ and Felicorpondite member Roxanne Gustafsen have worked in Britannia since the venerable hotel’s newly opened in 2019, and they have many years of experience of housekeeping in other hotels prior to that time.

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1. He vomits in the room without saying a word

For guests to vomit without saying anything at the reception, the worst cleaners know. Vomiting is most often in and next to the bed, but it can also be against the wall.

Then the cleaners get a smelly surprise when they enter the room. Removing vomit is a bad and difficult task for detergents. The task becomes more difficult the longer the spots remain.

Fortunately, accidents don’t happen often, but on weekends and Christmas table season.

If you vomit, wipe after yourself as best you can and say it at the reception!

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discussion: “How often do you say something really nice or thank you to a cleaner?”

2. Do not use the litter box

Some guests do not use the trash, but they throw leftovers of food and drink around the room.

Then the cleaners should start cleaning by going around the room with the trash can.

Some guests also leave half-empty bottles of wine and other alcoholic beverages that the cleaners have to empty into the storage room.

Throw the trash in the trash, and collect the empty bottles in one place!

CLEAN ROOM: Fellesforbundet and Fellesforbundet member Lorisel Eggen explains a hotel room wash.

CLEAN ROOM: Fellesforbundet and Fellesforbundet member Lorisel Eggen explains a hotel room wash.

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Rotate the room

Clothes everywhere in the room is also something that cleaners can encounter. In some rooms the bag may appear to have exploded.

In most hotels, cleaners are not allowed to touch private items. But in Britain, cleaners have to fold clothes and clean them in cupboards. This is a requirement of the exclusive organization “The Leading Hotels of the World”.

Either way, a crowded room makes it difficult for detergents to clean.

Keep your room tidy!

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4. Do not use the door sign

Some guests get angry when the cleaners knock, but they didn’t put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside door.

On the other side of the door sign reads “Please tidy my room.” It is common in most hotels for the cleaners to clean and wash the rooms once a day, while Britannia provides service in the morning and evening.

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Guests often do not know how much service the use of a door sign provides for the cleaners, themselves, and the service.

Use the door sign, whether you don’t want to be disturbed or cleaning the room is a good idea!

Use the door sign: Many people don't think they can use the sign on the door.

Use the door sign: Many people don’t think they can use the sign on the door.

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4. Do not use the suitcase holder

Britannia has two luggage racks in every room, but many guests do not use the racks.

In other hotels, cleaners do not lift bags, but in Britannia, cleaners have to lift heavy bags to clean the floor.

Anyway, bags placed on the floor made it difficult for cleaners to walk around the room.

Use the travel bag holder, it will be easier for cleaners to reach!

5. Get upset over a new towel

Some guests get annoyed when detergents replace used towels with clean ones. The guests had planned to use the towels several times to be eco-friendly.

This point is especially true of luxury hotels. Britannia will receive a discount from Leading Hotels of the World if the hotel does not change the towels and bed linen used daily.

The hotel found that they had to change the bed linen every day.

So replacing a towel isn’t a bad thing from a cleaner – at least not in a luxury hotel.

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invisible work

There is a lot of work behind cleaning that people don’t know about. We will provide an invisible service, but we want to respect the work we do, explains in-house economist Sandra Kleinau.

– I think it is interesting when the guests clean up a bit, it shows that they have enjoyed themselves and value their stay. We are there to experience the guests.

Although their work is not visible to the guests, it is also a good idea for the janitor to appear to the outside world sometimes.

– We always make eye contact and say “good morning” to the guests, and the guests respond well. Some also start a conversation, smiles hygiene Roxanne Gustafsen.

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