These reached the semifinals of The Voice

These reached the semifinals of The Voice

Friday night was the time for the semifinals VoiceThe remaining six participants were Tara Bloch-Vere (31), André Askeland Hagen (21), Madeleine Tverberg (23), Niklas Jung Hansen (29), Jørgen Dahl Moe (25) and Kirsti Lucena (35). Hoping to get the final ticket to the song contest.

This evening, budding artists provided the full cheers from guides and spectators at the studio in Nidalan for everything from rock ballads to quiet hits.

“Standing Ovation”: Voice participant Jorgen Doll gave a mesmerizing interpretation to Rihanna’s song “Take a Po” on Friday night. Photo: Robert Trier Holland / TV2

Watch the video at the top of the case of the joint starting number of participants during the semifinals.

As with previous live broadcasts this evening the audience had the last word and decided who should go to the finals next Friday.

See also below the performances of the participants in the case.

When the voices were counted, it was Kirsty Lucena and Madeleine Dwerberg who had to say goodbye to The Voice Adventure.

– Success by itself

When they met the voting participants after the TV 2 broadcast, they accepted the loss with a crushed temperament.

– It goes really well. So glad you came this far. The first six were a kind of success for me, so I’m very happy. Going further would have been fun, but now this road ends here, and then the new starts, says Dwerberg.

Smoke Out: Madeleine Tverberg song by Chris Stapleton

Smoke Out: Madeleine Tverberg sang the song “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton, but had to be knocked out in the semifinals by The Voice. Photo: Robert Trier Holland / TV2

The 23-year-old describes his voice journey as a very good and good experience.

– What’s the next plan?

– I think the road will come up a little bit. But it would be to continue the music and write more songs and see where it takes me.

Lucena was also very happy to advance to the semifinals.

Received praise: Voice contestant Kirsty Lucena by Whitney Houston

Received praise: Voice contestant Kirsty Lucena received high praise from mentors for her performance in Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Champagne”. However, he did not advance to the final. Photo: Robert Trier Holland / TV2

– I’m so happy, she shared on TV2.

– I’m so proud of what I did, I have nothing said or done. I had to express everything I wanted. The product was very good with all my options. It was absolutely amazing, she continues.

Sandnes does not plan to be on the lazy side of the girl going forward.

– Now I’m going on tour with Maria Mena this summer, then there’s a chess premiere in Focettide, then there’s all the summer events and shows, and Cardamom City.

Backstage TV2 met with two goalless, grateful finalists Andre Askeland Hagen and Nicholas Jung Hanson Hanson.

– It feels good. Hagen says it’s wonderful and it’s a wave of gratitude.

For the finals: On Friday night it became clear that all four The Voice participants had reached the finals.  From: Jørgen Dahl Moe, André Askeland Hagen, Tara Bloch-Vere and Niklas Jung Hansen.  Photo: Robert Trier Holland / TV

For the finals: On Friday night it became clear that all four The Voice participants had reached the finals. From: Jørgen Dahl Moe, André Askeland Hagen, Tara Bloch-Vere and Niklas Jung Hansen. Photo: Robert Trier Holland / TV

– To stand next to two wonderful women, how do you think you should progress ?, he continues.

When asked how to get to the final, Hansen is almost speechless.

– I’m glad. I guess I do not fully understand that I will be here until next week.

Evening shows here:

Jørgen Dahl Moe, 25, began the show with one of Rihanna’s most popular songs, “Take A Bo”. After the show he stood up from the audience and mentor Ina Waltsen (37) and applauded.

– Doing songs written by someone is one thing, as if you should have written it yourself. You are good. Ina was proud to be working with you.

He was joined by mentor colleague Yosef Wolde-Mariam (44), who thought Mo had come a long way since he first appeared on The Voice stage.

– I have said every time that I am a fan of Jorgen. What I notice – I look back at the humble skater guy where I stand now – is self-confidence. You are wonderful, said Joseph.

Blown the referees off the field: – You need a lot to win

Hammerfestingen Tara Bloch-Vere (31) dedicated the Bon Jovi classic “Bed of Roses” to her husband. Both the coach and the mentor later burst into tears.

– I need a handkerchief. “My eyes are completely closed,” said Tom “Madoma” Straight Lagergreen, 30, a mentor after the show.

– Damn Dad, it was so awesome. I am very proud, he continued.

Colleague Espen Lind (51) also agreed.

– Choose a good song, you have a good voice. You have a credibility. When you stand on stage and sing, you feel like you are singing, he thought.

Dedicated song to man: – The most beautiful thing I have ever experienced

Kirsty Lucena (35) sang the heartfelt version of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. The 35-year-old wanted to express her vulnerability and connect it with the loneliness she felt during the epidemics.

– Kirsty, it’s absolutely heavenly. I see what you went into and worked on. I thought it was completely magical. Again I was taken to bed. I am so proud. This is an absolutely beautiful, popular guide Matoma.

– You are more immersed in things than most people. Decorated you tonight. I thought I was beautiful, Kirsty, Ina agreed.

Translator Whitney Houston: – Absolutely magical

Andre Askeland Hagen, 21, of Bergen, gave a beautiful presentation of The Turtle’s “Eleanor”.

Mentor Ina Hagen was excited about the performance.

– You have come so far. From the message to some “moves”. It warms my heart up nicely. I am so proud. You deserve to go all the way, she complimented.

Espen and Matoma were also impressed.

You need to download Tinder. There will be a push to the store tonight. We are in the semifinals. I have always wanted you. I don’t know what world you belong to and I think what you are doing is a cult of death, ”Espen said.

– You are fascinated by the sink. It’s Full Blast !, Matoma interjected.

Attracts by old classic: – You deserve to go all the way

Madeleine Tverberg (23) from Sandefjord stood out from the crowd and praised the powerful version of Chris Stapleton’s song “Tennessee Whiskey”.

The guide Joseph left the field.

– My God, what a rocket you are! Your voice will be more and more interesting. Aha, how much you rasa, said.

– I’m sitting here in complete ecstasy. What you showed here tonight was incredibly solid and well done. We hear new features in your voice that we do not know. You were completely green. I loved it, Matoma thought.

Here, Madeleine surprises the country’s referees

Finally, Nicholas Jung Hanson (29) advanced to the semifinals with the James Bay song “Us”.

– Nicholas, every time you go out on stage you are fighting the biggest battle in the world. You effectively manage to take the tension to weight and power. This song is in the middle of the fuse box. That’s right. “This is what King Espan thought.

Joseph and Inah thought so too.

– You are wonderful, Joseph praised.

– You do not have to be James Boy, you can be Nicholas because you are completely green, said Ina.

Despite the anxiety and inspiration: – You are your biggest enemy

The return also took place at the end of the evening Last year’s Voice Winner, Erland Constead (26). Grimstadmannen sang his own song “Run Away” on stage.

After last year’s success, the 26 – year – old toured with The Voice finalists Sophie Felwang and Maria Petra, and competed in the Diamond League in Bislett. He has also released the singles “Family Name” and “Skyline in Blue”.

When asked how he came back to The Voice, Constance responded:

– Completely green. Being an artist – it’s a dream come true. It has been hard work since day one and then it was fun to play around and travel around making albums.

Here Erland Constance returns to The Voice stage

Watch Voice on TV2 on Fridays at 20.00 and when you want TV2 Play.

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