They are the best duo in modern football

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Trent Alexander-Arnold was the bartender again when Sadio Mane scored the winning goal against West Ham on Saturday night. We also saw another side of the goal player when he saved one of Lanzini’s attempts on the goal line in the first half.

On the flip side, Andy Robertson was as reliable as ever, without the totally amazing contributions. Former West Ham coach Slaven Bilic praised the players after the match.

game makers

– They’re back-end playmakers. The passes they make, the decisions they make – it’s absolutely unbelievable. Having players on the sidelines are playmakers who can make great passes for the attackers as they have done week and week in the past four years, he said in the Premier League Productions television studio after Saturday night’s game.

They are the best duo in modern football. They play like wings the way they attack, and they do so without further stopping there. Imagine the effort and speed they would need to get back in time.

The Liverpool back duo are often compared to Chelsea’s backs. The Croatian explains why it is unfair and wrong, as the Liverpool defender has bigger tasks.

– What amazes me is all their quality and energy. Reece James is always in such positions, Marcos Alonso or Ben Chilwell is always in such positions, but they have three behind them in central defence.

– Those two (Trent and Robow) are also in those positions, but they don’t have three in midfield. Yes, they have Fabinho, but Chelsea also have defensive midfielders, the Croatian explained.

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gives space

Bilic stresses that it is inevitable that there are large spaces behind their backs, but then Liverpool have stoppers that hide a lot.

Trent and Robow are amazing players, but they are also the reason why West Ham, Inter and Chelsea have chances against them. Regardless of which of van Dijk, Matip and Konate plays, it is impossible to cover the entire width of the stadium.

Graeme Souness has accepted the honor at the Sky Sports studio.

– They look a bit like midfield players. These two players are the best in those positions.

Andy Robertson has a lot of energy, but doesn’t have the same conductivity as Trent. When Trent has the ball, the attacker knows he’s going to pick you up on the field.

On Tuesday evening, Liverpool could qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals for the fourth time under Jurgen Klopp’s leadership when they meet Inter Milan. There, their backs will play the main roles as usual.

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