– They can win the whole tournament – VG

- They can win the whole tournament - VG

The “King of Europe” in Norwegian football, Rosenborg legend Nils Arne Eggen (80), believes that Bodo/Glimt can go all the way and win the championship.


He even took Rosenborg to the Champions League quarter-finals.

I realize myself, it’s a style of play that’s like Eigen’s heart. And the most important thing is that they play Roma. All movements precede the next situation – a pattern that is studied on the field and repeated, and then turns into a fight. This satisfies the heart of football. All credit to Glimt, Nils Arne Eggen tells VG.

This is the first time in the career of Roma coach Jose Mourinho, who conceded six goals in one match. And we have to go back to November 2010, to find out the last time he lost by five goals, and then as coach of Real Madrid against his arch-rival Barcelona.

When asked if the Northerners could win the Europa Conference League, Eggen was crystal clear.

Of course they can win! They beat you 6-1 today. Very very good promises. It’s also a nod to other Norwegian teams, it’s just a matter of standing up, says the former Rosenborg coach, who led Trondelag to several Champions League victories in the 1990s and early 2000s, and says in familiar fashion: – Nothing is impossible!

How do you rate Glimt’s performance compared to Rosenborg’s performance in the Champions League?

It is impossible to compare with Rosenborg in the 90s. Both performances are very good, but as of today, Glimt’s performance is at least on par with what we did, Eggen answers and points out that football has changed since Rosenborg performed at the top level.

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My heart goes out to Glimt and Norwegian football. A remarkable achievement and the best in numbers by a Norwegian team in Europe, the Trøndelag player says and may have forgotten that his team beat Sweden’s Helsingborg with the same numbers in the Champions League group game 21 years ago. At that time, RBK also beat big teams like Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Milan, to name a few.

Big Evening: Nils Arn Eigen, September 26, 2000 Rosenborg beat Helsingborg 6-1 in the Champions League.

Another former RBK coach, Trond Solid, was strongly impressed by Glimt:

– I was out for dinner and didn’t watch the game, but it was great, says the man who was also Eigen’s assistant, coach and player at Glimt.

– How did you react when you saw the result?

– I was so surprised. It’s not that they won, but their five-goal win was massive. I saw yesterday that the weather wasn’t exactly Italian, but as a player you have to be able to deal with all kinds of weather. I think they’re moving forward now, so that’s very nice. Sollied tells VG that they have a chance to win their group and move on and gain more international experience.

Ellevilt may be a fitting word tonight, Rosenborg legend and former Glimt player Harald Martin Brattbakk wrote in a text message to VG.

And the roses were not long after appearing on Twitter:

HamKam coach Kjetil Rekdal writes: “He suggests that Glimt helps Roma out of the stadium and into the airport, they are so dizzy that they will only find out in a few days…A magical evening for Glimt.”

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“This is really wild, Glimt,” wrote VG National Team commentator Knut Espen Svegaarden.

“Thank you very much, Glimt. Thank you for giving an old man one of the greatest football experiences I have ever had. I admire you incredibly,” wrote V Sport commentator Lars Tjærnås.

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