– They cheated on me – VG

- They cheated on me - VG

They made the song which is currently topping the Norwegian charts, but the viral TikTok video shows signs of bad mood. We’ve spoken to David Mokel and Ballinciaga.


Matthias Carlsen Pratley (video)


In recent weeks, “Dans På Bordet” has climbed to the top of playlists. David Mukel (18) and the Balenciaga group behind it.

While Mokel has a background as an actor on the NRK series “Klassen” and has nearly 200,000 followers on TikTok, the youngsters at Ballinciaga are little known. They also want to remain that way. Therefore, they wear pink masks in all public appearances.

Not going to be a celebrity

Balenciaga describes itself as “the biggest boy band in Norway”.

– Why are you masked?

– It’s basically cold. We don’t have to deal with everything to do with music. Then we can just focus on making good music and enjoying ourselves, not that FameThe part, he explains the tallest of the three boyband members.

– Don’t you want to be famous?

– No, there is no reason for us to know. “Nobody” knows who we are helps us to stay calm. They explain that we can’t live on the fact that we’re famous.

However, they assert that someone clearly knows who they are. They’re not anonymous so friends and family don’t know who they are, but because they don’t want to be familiar faces.

VG knows the three men in Ballinciaga’s identity.

Berom?: Is one of those comedians really Lars Berom? (If so, who is the man whose ears are water on my mind right now?)

In addition to the fact that someone already knows who is hiding behind the pink hats, there is also speculation in the field of comments on social media.

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– They are very strange. And a lot of fun.

What is the strangest suggestion you’ve read?

– Perhaps Lars Berom? I don’t quite see it. And I don’t quite understand why someone thinks that either, laughs one of the guys.

– It would have been raw if one of us had been Lars Berrum, and then one of us shot it.

Will you take off your masks and reveal who you are?

We will remain anonymous for as long as possible. As long as we can do it. Forever is really preferred.

– They tricked me

The three masked men and David Mukel met through their mutual acquaintance, tiktoker and artist Kevin “Lorraine” Soling.

– I’ve always wanted to release music. One day she asked Kevin to join the studio when he was going to meet Palin.

This is how Dans På Bordet came into being. The song is Mokel’s first release.

– All went well, Mokel explains, before adding:

– But then it ended a little badly then.

Fraud: David Mukel felt cheated by Ballinciaga regarding the release of “Dance on the Table”.

When asked what is the true background to the timed video and the claim that Balenciaga owes him money, Mukell was very silent.

– I was advised not to say much, but what is on TikTok is there. The fact that they owe me 70-80,000 kroner. This is what I can say. I can’t say much more than that, really.

Watch Mokel’s ticking point here:

Mokel claims that he and Ballinciaga equally owned the rights to the song, but he was not paid to air the song.

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Why did you share the video on TikTok then?

– I think it was due. It’s a lot of money, whether you’re 18 or not. I think they deserved it. They deceived me.

– Do you feel cheated?

– Yes, and not only that – but it started well. We also made many tiktoker together and played concerts together. We’ll be playing a lot together going forward, but I don’t think we’re going to do that now.

conflict resolves

Ahead of the weekend, Ballinciaga released another song, after Mokel leaked parts of the song in a TikTok video.

Ballinciaga also wouldn’t say much about the struggle for VG.

– what happened?

– We really think we don’t want to say much about her. We fix it. It was just nonsense with her Leak. But that’s what we can really say.

– How is the tone between you and Mokele now?

– Maybe it’s okay. We’re working on it, but we don’t have a lot of connections.

Hooded: Wearing pink hoods, the men behind Ballinciaga remain anonymous, all the while topping Norwegian playlists.

VG asked Mokel manager Elise Tynning if it was all just a stunt. deny it.

– In this case, it would be too much trouble for a song that has already been on the top of the charts since the day it was released, she writes in an email to VG.

Tynning told VG that they have now come up with a solution that pleases all parties, after she and the Ballinciaga representative entered into a dialogue in recent days.

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– Based on what they say, it is better to end this situation amicably, now that everyone has agreed, she explains to VG.

Then the future will show if Balenciaga and David Mockle will ever appear on stage together again.

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