– They don’t understand the daily life of most people – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

– They don’t understand the daily life of most people – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

– That kind of visit isn’t something you shout about on the beach. He fears that such visits may backfire.

– The red line has caused much opposition and unrest on the coast. This is the livelihood of the people we are talking about. At Hidra, we have had positive growth over the years. But then people are uncertain. Here, when a job disappears, it’s not just about going to the corner and looking for a new job, he says.

Ole Laurits Haugen has been the mayor of Hidra municipality in Trøndelag for 16 years and leads a large network of coastal municipalities. But this fall is over.

That’s why he now chooses to speak about what he calls “the plight of workers” — and frankly says what many laborers have said this winter only when the microphone is turned off:

  • There is party leadership Asking their own local teams is even worse and party people across the country.
  • It is applicable in such cases Municipal dissolution, Salmon lineElectricity line And various local things, like Urban Development Agreements Wherever applicable.
  • Locally popular Labor mayors have just started Fear of arrivals from the capital should work against their intention and deprive them of power and positions.

The app currently has more than 140 mayors. Many of them are more popular than national politicians ahead of this autumn’s local elections.

Last week, mayors gathered for meetings in Oslo, an internal Ap forum and a summit organized by KS.

Several mayors have expressed that the leadership’s visits to the election campaign can be more of a problem than a benefit for popular local politicians.

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Criticism of the top management has been harsh from some: Ringebu mayor Arne Fossmo recently argued for the replacement of vice president Bjørnar Skjæran and party secretary Kjersti Stenseng.

– Need to hear

Hagen is also chairman of the Network of Fjord and Coastal Municipalities (NFKK), which includes 78 Norwegian aquaculture municipalities. There has been great frustration over the government’s soil tax on the farm – and not only That It came, but the way It came.

– Then the Labor leadership is tough and tough and cares about standing up to the storm. But if you push people this way, it will be hard to win them back. They don’t understand the daily lives of most people across the country, Haugen says of the Ap Summits.

Because the polls are woeful for the people of Andhra Pradesh. The website reported 17.2 percent voter turnout so far in March and 18.5 percent in February PollHistorical low.

– We all understand that Norway and Europe are in the midst of war and misery. But it should have enough good listening records and advisors to sit at the top with responsibility. They don’t have that today. They are not listening to us in the field, the natives, says Hidra Mayor.

Another Ap mayor, who asked to remain anonymous, shares the view that the party leadership is not listening to local teams. He believes that a life-threatening path must be followed.

Haugen also talks about how listening posts around the country are being used.

– Today, the beach is not used at all. There is a forest of consultants, but not many executives surround themselves with people who have attended the school of life, he says.

There is also unrest in AP’s government ally SP. Steinar Aspli, group leader of Trøndelag Sp and candidate for mayor of Nærøysund, asks the government to keep the promised income from the salmon tax below 4 billion.

– He writes in an article that if this turns out to be a completely different scale giving arrangement, my prediction is that it will be very difficult for the SP to campaign in our coastal municipalities. Namthal newspaper.

Salmon taxes: Many Ap mayors have the industry on their necks as the government wants to introduce a new basic rent tax on fish farming.

Photo: Stéphane Kalas

Skjæran likes to visit

Labour’s deputy leader, Bjorner Skjärn, is also the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and the party has many talented mayors who are popular and enjoy strong confidence locally.

– We are in challenging times and we have bad opinion polls. So, we now have a lot of work ahead of us, and we will work hard to ensure that the Labor Party keeps its hands on the steering wheel in municipalities across the country, even after the election, Skjæran tells NRK.

– We have many talented mayors who are popular and highly trusted in their local communities, which I am happy about.

If there is a major shake-up in the Ap leadership, it could also have consequences for Bjørnar Skjæran’s position as vice-president.

Prime Minister Jonas Karstor visits Tromsø

TOPS: Vice President Bjorner Skjärn and Party Leader Jonas Gar Storr recently visited the research vessel FF Crown Prince Haakon in Tromsø.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTP

Skjæran, for his part, is keen to domestically pay tribute to AP’s elected officials – and in particular isolate Ole Laurits Haugen from Hidra.

– Our local politicians work hard every day to strengthen the communities they live in, and I want to commend them for that, says Skjärn.

– I myself was in Hydra last fall and know how strong Ole is. His insightful input guided my work on fisheries and aquaculture. I hope to be able to come back and contribute during the election campaign.

Skjaren says this fall’s local elections are a directional election about immediate issues: safe care for the elderly, good schools and kindergarten for our children, and local communities where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of where you live and the size of your wallet.

– This is something we have to go ashore together, because we are a team, he says.

– Cowardice

It is clear there will be Labor leadership changes at this spring’s national conference.

Many district associations are now supporting Education Minister Tonje Brenna as the new vice president. But opinions are divided on whether other changes are needed.

Rogaland App has proposed Hadia Tajik as the new vice-president, and Oslo App wants “changes in the party leadership and central committee”. Skjæran and party secretary Kjersti Stenseng both want re-election.

At the same time, party leader Jonas Gahr Støre and election committee leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik both supported renewal in the central government. But so far only three members have announced that they will not stand for re-election.

Haugen admitted that his statements were critical of the party leadership, but that he would not directly demand changes in the top management.

– Now the election committee will do its work, so I hope it will end in a good way. This is not the time to behead the leader. I support Donjay Brenna joining App Leadership.

Hagen also criticizes several Labor colleagues he knows are “critical” of what’s going on but don’t dare speak out.

– I think it would be very cowardly, he says.

– A fellow mayor in Nordland, when asked to “be tough in the debate”, said: “I am first and foremost the mayor of my own municipality, my job is not to support the party in the center”. I can definitely get behind that.

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