They must have tracked down Russian forces with stolen AirPods

They must have tracked down Russian forces with stolen AirPods

A Ukrainian man claims he was able to track the movements of Russian troops via a pair of AirPods wireless headphones, which were stolen from his home near Kyiv.

Thanks to technology, I know where my AirPods are now. The Russian Orcs ransacked them from my house in Hostomel, he writes Vitaly Semenets in an Instagram post.

The text is attached to a screenshot used by the “Where is it?” app , which is supposed to show the position of the plugs on the border with Belarus.

Semenets’ group claims to have been able to track the withdrawal of Russian troops and their movement south.

according to times Semenite’s earplugs are said to have been stolen from his home in Hostomel, Ukraine, then crossed into Belarus, and ended up in the town of Homegel.

Earplugs are said to have appeared in Belgorod last week, which is set to be a rallying point for Russian forces in connection with the Donbass attacks, The Times writes.

It is said that the functionality Semenets used was only available last year. Until then, you only had the opportunity to see where your device was last paired and make a small beep. They were useful at home, but hopeless if you lost your earplugs.

But last year, Apple came up with an update that allows you to activate AirPods in “lost” mode, which then gets help from millions of other Apple devices to help locate your earbuds.

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In practice, this means that when the earbuds are within Bluetooth range of other Apple devices, you should be notified.

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