May 28, 2023


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They say God fixes the electricity bill

They say God fixes the electricity bill

A broadcast of the Conservative Christian TV channel Vision in Norway drew a large response from Ivar Kolstad’s statement on the channel on December 5.

During a fundraising broadcast, he encourages viewers to donate money to the campaign instead of paying electricity bills because it will “ensure God pays”.

– I can only say that now with these high electricity bills. Instead of looking at the electricity bill, give your heart what it wants. He aired on the channel on December 5 that God would then ensure that the electricity bill and everything else was paid.

The case was originally filed with the NRK.

Sorry for the statement

Ivar Kolstad is a volunteer and former CFO of Vision Norway. Dagbladet contacted Kolstad, who did not want to comment, but cited a Facebook post apologizing for the report.

– I feel it is understandable that God or others will take care of the bill for you, this is not for sure, and I did not say it myself. Colstod writes that we have to pay the bill ourselves.

And he writes that he is deeply sorry for his comment.


John Hanwolt, the leader of Vision Norway, tells Docbladet that he has nothing to add – but he agrees that Colestad writes.

John Hanwolt, President of Vision Norway, agrees with Iver Colestadt. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB
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In the post, Colstod writes that he wants to bring this message, but he put it the wrong way:

– He who helps the poor and shows mercy will bless himself. It can happen in different ways from God’s side.

On the broadcast, Colstod asked viewers to donate money to the Moldova campaign. This is a campaign to raise money for Christmas packs for Moldova. Vision Norway’s goal is to raise enough money for 12,000 packs.

– Makes money on people’s fears

Eric Andreassen, pastor and leader of the Oslo Mission Church, thinks it is good that Golstad is complaining.

– He does it the right way, says Andreassen.

Nevertheless, he believes that basic theology in Norway is a problem.

– The challenge in theology is that you address the real fears of the people, whether corona or higher electricity bills, Andreassen says and continues:

– You use what they are afraid of, and then make money from it, or encourage people to give, he says.

John Hanwolt, President of Vision Norway, responds:

“I do not think so. We never play with fear or emotion. We preach from the Word of God.

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