– They should be ashamed – VG

- They should be ashamed - VG
Responds strongly: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, here during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Italy in September this year.

Sweden’s best player, Mikael Ymer (24), had to answer something completely different about his performance on the tennis court in an interview with SVT (Sveriges Television). This makes Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 41, upset.


in Twitter message The Swedish soccer star, on Saturday morning, wrote the following, while attaching a recent SVT interview with Ymer:

– Mikael Ymir, 24 years old, ranked as the best tennis player in Sweden. SVT interviewed him, but the questions he asks are not related to sports and his achievements. Exactly the same stupid question I got 20 years ago. SVT should be ashamed and the journalist should be fired, according to Ibrahimovic, who currently plays for AC Milan.

Big talent: Swede Mikael Ymir, here after winning the Davis Cup earlier this year.

The reason for SVTs Questions about certain actions of Ymer earlier this season. Among other things, the tennis talent was invited to the Swedish Open in Bastad.

But Ymir – who is now ranked 79th in the world – refused to run.

– The reason not to play is the same as why Zlatan does not play for Allsvenskan (the top level in Swedish football), said the 24-year-old.

It naturally created reactions among experts in Sweden, according to SVT, people and experts interacted in traditional as well as social media.

But before the Stockholm Open, which is taking place these days, Ymir came out and reported an accident again.

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Everyone knows that a Swedish Donnie is like ordering a salad at McDonald’s.

Among other things he encountered in the SVT interview.

He understands if people are angry.

I go a lot about how I feel and how I feel during the day. If people think I’m too slow, that’s okay, says Ymir, who also crashed out of the championship on Friday at home in the quarter-finals against Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas.

He also says that he is not interested in being liked or being a role model for everyone, but is more interested in how he perceives after people meet him face to face. Like, say, the guys at a local tennis club.

– If someone who met me really had an opinion of me, then I would have called and said “Hey, it hurts you got that opinion, there must have been something up there,” says the 24-year-old.

Smoke: Mikael Ymir, here during the Stockholm Open on Friday, where he was knocked out in the quarter-finals.

– You don’t like all our press

Johanna Backstrom Lerneby, news director at SVT, was contacted by the Swedish newspaper Express Mark Zlatan’s criticism.

She says that the interview was divided into two parts, one about the sports side and the other about the criticism leveled at Ymir.

– Maybe Zlatan didn’t see the second article, or maybe he didn’t. Because we made two. He seems to have missed that part, but it can happen. And Zlatan doesn’t need all of our press, she said.

Lernaby also takes criticism from the media house’s journalist very calmly.

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– He is one of our best reporters and I think he gave two very good interviews.

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