– They’re not good enough – VG

- They're not good enough - VG
Lots to think about: RBK coach Kjetil Rekdal (centre) didn’t have an easy start to his stay at Lerkendal. Dag-Eilev Fagermo (left) has recovered the jewel Aron Dønnum, while Kjetil Knutsen (right) leads the good-natured Glimt.

TRONDHEIM/OSLO (VG) Tame and Rosenborg’s practice matches on a downward curve mean that “nobody” in Norwegian football thinks Trøndelag’s side will be the champions. Nor are they themselves. It is a rare diet.


Since Rosenborg’s dominance in the ’90s, they are usually always mentioned in the gold race before each season. But not in 2022. VG asked the Elite Series coaches who they think will be the league champion, and number I think it will be Rosenborg.

Nor is it VG-Lupin – And the Adresseavisen He has Rosenborg outside the top three (4th place) for the first time in the 20-year history of table tipping.

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Bodo/Glimt is the favorite in the eyes of top coaches. While the belief that Rosenborg will be a competitor is waning in line with the team’s performance in recent seasons. Since the last gold celebration in 2018, the rankings were 3 (2019), 4 (2020) and 5 last year.

Rosenborg’s ambition is to top the elite chain and beyond Europe. This does not change. But they haven’t been there in a while. We must acknowledge our position and become good enough. We don’t know if we will stay. “We have to create this development throughout the season,” Kjetil Rekdal tells VG about the prospects in their favour.

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He is ready for what was the star of Norwegian football on the continent, to return to the European Cup match and rise to the top of the elite once again.

Because ambition doesn’t change, according to the newly appointed coach – who has had to watch the team struggle so hard in winter training matches, as 0-3 against first-division club Raufoss in last Friday’s public testwas an initial low point.

We must be honest to say that we ourselves are a little unsure of our place in the sport. Inside we have peace.

He is not the only one who feels insecure about the people of Trondelag, because the tone with his fellows is consistent. They do not view Rosenborg as a clear competitor to the Bodo/Glimt and Muld, who are often cited as the leading candidate versus the Northerners.

– No, they’re not good enough, says Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo in a critique of RBK’s chances.

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– Molde and Viking, says Geyer Buck of Lillestrøm about the class behind Bodø/Glimt, which he has as a natural favourite.

– You didn’t mention Rosenborg?

– not now. Because I think they have to build their self-confidence, get the proper sitting form, get the guys to be role players the way the coaching staff wants. Gear Buck answers that it can be done with the tap of a finger, but that may not be the case either.

Andreas Teggstrom at the Sandefjord responds just like the LSK coach: Glimt as the chain’s favourite, and Molde and Viking as the closest contenders. The Swede doesn’t think Rosenborg can actually win this year.

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On Sunday, RBK will be “thrown into it” with an opening match against Glimt. Many think it’s an opportunity to refute things.

– I’m surprised if they can turn this situation around so quickly, but all of a sudden things sit down. My advice is they go 5-4-1 and play 0-0 at Bodø in the first round, says Alesund head coach Lars Arne Nielsen.

Football is weird. If they had a good experience in Bodo, “everything” would have changed. I’m not interested in what they’ve done so far. The seriousness hasn’t started yet, but at the same time I think Kjetil could have imagined that things looked a lot more intense in the lead up to it, says Erling Moe in his birthdate.

– Rekdal and Co. It will be very exciting. We had the pleasure of meeting them twice this winter and see there are good trends from time to time. Then as Kjetil himself says that it takes some time to get to know a new system. There are a lot of good footballers out there, so they are likely to be good, says Kristian Michaelsen of Kristiansund.

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Vikings sporting director Eric Nevland says he, too, does not believe in Rosenborg’s gold in 2022.

– Naturally, Bodo/Glimt will be a favorite before this season, he says.

Mental benefit

Kjetil Knutsen and Bodø/Glimt also don’t want to talk about their performance goals this year – which they constantly claim they don’t have.

– If I were to choose, I’d take them (Rosenborg) in the first round. Number one for us is what to do, but they come to us a little unsure. If they had chosen, they would have chosen someone other than us. It is a mental benefit to us to meet them early. Rosenborg will develop their team if they handle the pressure that comes. It’s already there, Knutsen tells VG.

Is there a greater focus on results than on results?

Yes, because the environment determines the agenda. This is the case in many places. But with us, we decide for ourselves.

– We’ll see right away how we stand against the number one in Norway. Position we want to return. We have a young team with great potential. When one day they get used to playing together, make him ‘click’ and deal with the pressure that lurks there when you play for RBK, we’re very fast there, Rekdal stresses to the impatient Trøndelag.

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