– Things are going well with love now.

– Things are going well with love now.

Sondre Justad kicked off the concert in the crowd at Palmisos. Photo: Bastian Lunde Hvitmehr, VG

The artist says that love is going well, but there is one thing left in his career.

VG meets the artist right after he was on the main stage at Palmissos.

It's been 10 years since the 33-year-old artist's career began.

“These years have been incredibly rich, rewarding and meaningful,” he says with much love.

-But it was volatile.

– Where are you now on the roller coaster?

“I feel like I’m at the peak,” he tells VG. “Life is at its peak.”

Photo: Bastian Lunde Hvitmehr, VG

– The opportunity to travel and appear at so many festivals with this amazing group is absolutely unreal. And to meet so many people – it's so nice.

However, he says he still finds it difficult to restrain himself.

– The biggest challenge was saying no and feeling what she needed. Because it's a kick! Everything!

– Goes well with love

The 33-year-old announced in 2018 that he was bisexual, during a TV appearance on the show “Lindmo”.

In 2022, he said on Instagram that he had found a girlfriend.

“Love is going well now,” Gustad assures VG.

Photo: Bastian Lunde Hvitmehr, VG

In the same year that he announced his girlfriend, he surprised the audience at Oslo Spektrum by recording his girlfriend on stage. There, the two sang together.

– He is in Trondheim and has his own project. So there will be some travelling, says Gustad.

Watch a video of the same couple on stage:

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The artist says he misses the North. VG asks if he hasn't become a “søring” after living so many years in Oslo, and has lost a bit of the accent:

– My friend Peder says that I'm starting to get a little louder at the end of words. More than I did before. But I think that only happens when I'm a little bit focused. But in everyday life with friends and family, no. Then I talk very widely.

Gustad is from Henningsvær, and has grown to become one of the country's biggest artists. Although he doesn't know exactly where he lives now, he is pretty sure where he will end up.

– I don't know exactly whether I live in Lofoten or Oslo. But maybe a little bit of both. But I'll probably end up in Lofoten. The artist says: When you come from heaven, you don't want to leave it.

Something else on the track record

What's left on the merit list, he says, is writing his best song.

– I haven't done that yet and I have a big dream to do that. Write some amazingly good songs. And then it's just… I don't know. Concert-wise, I feel like we're in a pretty good place. I don't see how it could get any better.

In the fall there will be a documentary about the singer with the title of one of Gustad's most famous songs “Riv i härtet”.

– It's going to be really scary and really good. It's going to be as personal as anything else has ever been. So it's crazy to see your life under review.

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