– This beautiful and traditional hotel will shine again

- This beautiful and traditional hotel will shine again

376 rooms, fitness center of 1500 square meters, spa and conference section for 1200 people. In the summer of 2022, the Scandic Holmenkollen Traditional Park opened with a new, modern outfit.

Holmencoln: The hotel is being renovated under the auspices of Eiendomsspar, Rica Eiendom and Scandic, and when it opens in June 2022, traditional and modern solutions will be combined and capacity will be significantly increased. In total, approximately 36,000 square meters are being renovated, and the number of beds will be increased by 304.

Scandic writes in a press release.

The hotel at the top of Oslo will consist of 376 impressive rooms and suites, of which 27 will be located in the unique Dragon Building. The modern conference area will accommodate up to 1,200 people, plus the hotel will offer a new à la carte restaurant and bar, a well-stocked wine cellar, and a spa area with a pool. Those who like to exercise can have fun in the 1,100 square meters of exercise facilities.

– There will be something for everyone here. The hotel is ideally located for those who love nature experiences, and the view of the city and the fjord is unique. Here you can exercise and take advantage of the wellness facilities, or you can go dining with friends or your partner, says hotel manager Christian Frederic Mihs.

Unique hotel

A stone’s throw from the world’s most famous ski jump, Scandic Holmenkollen has a unique and exciting history spanning 127 years. History will be polished and refined when the hotel now has a newer, more modern look.

– This is a city hotel in the woods, it’s a national history, it’s the main hall at the top of Oslo. There is artistic history on the walls and great architecture. There are no other hotels like Scandic Holmenkollen Park, and now I’m very much looking forward to opening the doors to the public, says Mihos – and adds that they target local, national and international guests.

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Scandic Holmenkollen Park spans nine buildings, and one building that is now undergoing an extensive “renovation” is the main building. The lobby and à la carte restaurant will form the center of the building, and with a large open fireplace, this will be a natural gathering place for guests. The hotel’s unique history and many artistic treasures will also be highlighted.

City hotel in the square

– Here you will find adventurous tapestries by Gerhard Montt and paintings that you could have visited in the National Gallery to experience. History and art will play an important role in the newly renovated hotel, and will tell the colorful story of a hotel visited by some of the world’s greatest artists, says Mihus – highlighting Edward Derek’s portrait “Seterhytte i Nordmarka” from 1888.

– This is a unique picture that hung here in the hotel for more than 100 years, and before that at Holmenkollen Turisthotell. It is in many ways the hotel’s DNA, and is one of the few things that was saved from a fire in 1895. It will have a prominent position in the main building, and in the same way the hut is pictured, Scandic Holmenkollen continues: The garden will be a comfortable and safe place to seek refuge.

There are also high expectations for the renovation of the Dragon Building, which is considered one of the major works in the Norwegian Dragon style. In addition to providing state-of-the-art conference facilities, this architectural gem will include 27 stunning rooms and suites and a wine cellar. The view and all the different elements together will make Scandic Holmenkollen Park a unique urban and continental hotel right on the border with the countryside. The proximity to nature and exceptional views give the buildings and experience a very special place.

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Living here should be an experience you don’t get anywhere else. This beautiful and traditional hotel will shine again. We will make sure that guests will fall in love with the unique product we are about to create, says the hotel manager.

Scandic Holmenkollen Park opens in June 2021.


Scandic Holmenkollen Park – History:

At the end of the 19th century, the surgeon Ingbrecht Christian Holm (a pulmonologist) established his medical practice in Christiania (Oslo). He was a man who early on saw the need for entertainment.

Dr. Holm had a vision of opening Holmenkollen and Voxenkolin to the people of Oslo and in 1890 Holmenkollen Turisotel was ready. This quickly became a well-visited picnic destination among Oslo residents, and most of the hotel area was used for cafes and restaurants. In the end, there was only room for 15 guests. This was not in the plans in the first place, so Dr. Holm began the process of building a sanatorium near the hotel. In the summer of 1891, a sanatorium was opened, which was intended for people suffering from various diseases, but not tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. It is popularly said, among other things. However, it is the wonderful ladies of Christiania who use this clinic. When Holmenkollbakken was built in 1892, demand increased, and soon this sanatorium became very small.

According to Balthazar Lange’s drawings, a new and larger sanatorium was built at a height of 100 meters, and it was completed in 1894. The sanatorium was built in the dragon style, an architectural art that became widespread for a short time at the turn of the century. . This building is called Dragebygget and is part of Scandic Holmenkollen Park.

Five years after Holmenkollen Turisthotell opened, it burned down completely. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but it is believed that it was the candle that started the fire. Soon, the process of rebuilding the hotel began, this time two times larger and more decorated than the first. At this time, Holmenkollbanen was also opened, and at the station (Besserud station) there were carriages with a canopy cart to take guests to the highest stretch of the road. The hotel had rich wood carvings and several verandas.

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On the night of July 10, 1914, lightning struck Holmenkollen Turisotl. Within two hours, the wooden building had burned down. Instead of rebuilding the hotel, the company was moved to a sanatorium at a height of one hundred meters, such as Holmenkollen Turisthotell and Sanatorium.

The Holmenkollen Tourist Hotel and Sanatorium served as hotels until World War II, then was confiscated by the Germans who used the hotel until the end of the war. During the war years, the building was badly damaged, and extensive restoration and modernization were carried out after that. The hotel reopened in 1948 as “Holmenkollen Turisticotel”.

From 1970 onwards, the hotel was also used by the Northern European Management Institute (NEMI) for continuing education courses at management level.

The hotel has since undergone a number of comprehensive updates and developments. The first development occurred in 1982. Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica opened its doors with 192 rooms in four new suites for the 1982 World Ski Championships in Holmenkollen. Then the kite building was converted from hotel rooms into meeting and banquet rooms. Furthermore, a modern conference center was built in 1991, designed by architect Gabriel Finn. For Ski WC 2011, the last wing was built. The hotel currently has 336 rooms.

The hotel was reclassified from Ricahotell to Scandichotell in 2014 after Scandic Hotels purchased Rica Hotels.[1]

Source: Wikipedia

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