This car is also being considered for seizures

This car is also being considered for seizures

Last Monday, the Swedish government issued a crisis package of $ 14 billion.000 Swedish kronor for all private individuals who own a car.

The role of Finance Minister Drigway Sloxwold will not copy that model.

– Is it appropriate to introduce a crisis package as proposed by the Swedish government?

– Many Swedes travel to Norway for refills because many enjoy higher prices in Sweden than in Norway. We have done a lot more for power. This is our biggest priority.

Dude and Drive: Drive Sloxvolt recently did a test drive on the new pickup with Broom. Photo: Ditlow Eatsmo / TV2

– So is the crisis package on fuel less relevant?

If we want to do something, it has to be more sustainable without being a serious thing here and now. Then we can do things there too.

– What?

– In the past, something was done on motor insurance premiums, which is very high. We have to do something for individual businesses that are strugglingSays the Minister of Finance.

At the same time, he insists:

– We need to see this a little bit over time. Now the price is 5-6 kroner lower than last week in many places, so it varies greatly. But if prices skyrocket again. If so that might be one of the moves we make.

Guarantees better purchasing power

It is not clear what the scripture says “within a specified time”, but he points out:

– When you see serious consequences, you can not change the fee from week to week or month to month, it is not good for anyone.

Nevertheless, the finance minister promises that Norwegians earning up to 300-700,000 kroner a year need to do more when looking at the year as a whole.

– After the war with extreme fuel prices, there may be individual months with serious consequences. But he tells TV2 that our goal is for the average family to have the best purchasing power.

Does not set a price limit

In May, when asked whether the revised National Budget would be presented and whether the fuel tax would be reduced, the Bible answers:

– What we are going to do is make security and policing a priority. It’s incredibly important financial security. There are measures that mean we do not put pressure on interest rates, but tax measures may also be appropriate. But it remains to be seen how prices will grow.

According to the minister, this price growth should be high for a long time, but the role does not say how high it will be.

– We do not put any definite figures in it, see the whole.

Ystein Foros, Professor of Economics at the Norwegian School of Management Told TV2 on Monday Precisely this uncertainty makes fuel prices a headache for the government.

– We do not know how long this will last. When you provide this kind of assistance, when oil and fuel prices fall again, you often struggle to reverse the measures, Foros believes.

Unpredictable: Saltwate says the effects of the corona crisis combined with the war in Ukraine are creating serious fluctuations.  Photo: Magnus Nøkland / TV 2

Unpredictable: Saltwate says the effects of the corona crisis combined with the war in Ukraine are creating serious fluctuations. Photo: Magnus Nøkland / TV 2

Unusually uncertain view

Dina Saltvet, chief analyst at Sustainable Finance in Nordia, says the uncertainty surrounding how oil prices will grow in the future is unusually high.

“There are big fluctuations in oil prices and I do not remember ever seeing such fluctuations,” Salt White told TV2 on Monday.

Suppose VAT is silent

Ignore Hold on to the Swedes According to Foros, the government has some options, with crisis packages that economists believe could raise key interest rates.

– At the price of the pump, 20 percent VAT. If the price is 20 kroner, VAT is four kroner, explained the NHH professor.

But reducing VAT on fuel alone is not a popular proposal to submit to the Ministry of Finance.

– I do not think politicians will do anything with VAT. But the economics professor said they could reduce the fuel tax.

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