This chain will open a store here

This chain will open a store here

Christian spirit: Fædrelandsvennen wrote in January that Kristiansand nårsesselskap (Knas) is in negotiations with large chains about a grocery store at the CB site in Grim in Kristiansand.

In a press release Tuesday afternoon, Knas wrote that they are moving forward with establishing a Coop chain in the grocery section of the site.

– We now aim to reach a final agreement with Coop on the temporary location at the CB site on the condition that politicians in Kristiansand accept the store's operations until the final zoning plan is approved, says managing director Jan Omli Larsen in a press release.

These are the grocery plans on the CB website

The area must be organized

He also says the rental income will enable them to get a comprehensive plan for the area.

– Furthermore, rental income will help relieve pressure on high market rents for activities to the south of the site where we anticipate temporary accommodation that will support city life and cultural activities. Good urban development requires that we spend time determining what activities the city wants for this important piece of land located between Grimm and Kvadratoren districts, says Larsen.

Last year, the municipality purchased land and building materials after the Kristiansands brewery in Setitsdalsven closed.

Planning a grocery store on the CB website

Many reacted to the plans

In the cooperation platform of the City Council's majority coalition, it was agreed this fall that 18.2 goals should be available with properties for “nightlife and local food.”

Many cultural and business actors reacted when news broke that Knas was negotiating with grocery chains.

– We were very surprised and surprised when we heard the rumors that Knas is now concluding an agreement with one of the major players in the grocery industry. “We thought there would be strategic thinking behind the development of this area, and now we ask ourselves what plan Knas is working on,” said General Manager Heidi Sorvig from the Kvadratoren Farmers Association.

The first cooperative in Grimm

Kay Arne Rakstang Nedrejord Regional Manager at Coop Sørvest says in the press release that they are happy to be able to open their first store in Grim.

– We are very happy that Knas found our offer so good that they want to enter into further negotiations with us, with the aim of opening a new grocery store on the CB site, says Nedrejord.

It is not known when the store will open.

– Before we reach this point, we must respect the political and administrative processes that will be implemented. He says that the purpose of the area today is not retail, so here it must be reorganized permanently or temporarily first.

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