May 20, 2022


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This costs less than 3000 kroner

This costs less than 3000 kroner

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Tab A8. Sale starts in January.

GalaxyTab A8 costs from 2590 kr

In its latest press release, the company announced that the “Samsung GalaxyTab A8 will be available in Norwegian stores from the beginning of January 2022 in Gray, Silver and Rose Gold colors starting at kr 2,590.”

So what else can you find here? Yes, 10.5-inch screen in 16:10 format, Dolby Atmos, 7,040 mAh battery and up to 1 TB of storage. You can choose between 3 or 4 GB of RAM and 15W of fast charging. Note that the product lacks WiFi 6.

Samsung Android tablet supports two apps simultaneously:

Galaxy Tab A8 supports running two apps simultaneously next to each other, and you can add a popup with another app through “Multi-Active Window”. For example, if you are attending a lecture, you can chat with your classmates, take notes, and watch a presentation at the same time. The drag and drop feature automatically opens a new browser window if you drag a link from the current browser window to the other side of the screen.


Content streaming support added to Samsung TVs as well:

Samsung’s Galaxy Ecosystem allows you to easily share information, text, links and images between other Samsung Galaxy devices and stream your screen to your Samsung Smart TV. Galaxy Tab A8 owners get the chance to enjoy free “live” and “on-demand” entertainment with the Samsung TV Plus 8 app. Galaxy Tab A8 is powered by Samsung’s industry-leading Knox security platform with multi-layer protection. Continuous, real-time protection of the underlying software ensures that external threats cannot reach the device.