This could be Microsoft’s master plan for Windows 12 AI

This could be Microsoft’s master plan for Windows 12 AI

Microsoft is more visible than most as a co-owner of OpenAI, the company behind GPT and ChatGPT. ChatGPT is already integrated into Edge and Bing.

Hinting at something that could be bigger than it looks

From the start, OpenAI opened up extensions for ChatGPT 4, which in turn let Microsoft take advantage of it. And that is exactly what will happen. Mikhail Parakhin is the head of advertising and web services at Microsoft, and he revealed on Twitter what the company’s plans are. Barakhin replied that we should “follow along”. We are glad to do so.

Why? Because this is more exciting than that. He started the thread by showing an extension for ChatGPT that remembers what you’ve said to the service in the past and that way it gets really personal. From the beginning, Microsoft has been on the way to integrating artificial intelligence into Microsoft 365, called “Copilot”.

Does full GPT integration begin with Windows 12?

It seems like something that could be very useful in Windows, not just for chatting, but for the operating system to be able to optimize super efficiently because it knows all the habits of the user. In this way, future artificial intelligence in the operating system can also make proactive suggestions to the user based on calendar entries and what is being worked on.

It has already been revealed that “CorePC” is the new Windows platform, possibly Windows 12. Among the most important supporting packages are artificial intelligence and the system’s ability to recognize objects in images.

As far as artificial intelligence is concerned, dedicated hardware will be required, but Windows will be able to analyze the content on the screen and provide relevant information. It is also expected that the upcoming Windows will be able to identify objects and text in images, the same as macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Microsoft has already confirmed that AI will, unsurprisingly, be brought into Windows as it is in Microsoft 365, Bing, and Edge.

ITavisen, 29 March 2023

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