This graph gives the World Health Organization the main reason to smile

This graph gives the World Health Organization the main reason to smile

Meanwhile, China is fighting a desperate battle to continue its zero-sum view of the Coronavirus Huge closingsThere is now much to suggest that the epidemic is about to fade worldwide.

This happens after winter was the hardest part of the pandemic, with a massive infection explosion using the omicron variable.

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Lowest since March 2020

Figures from Johns Hopkins show that global deaths from coronavirus have fallen since mid-February, and are now at their lowest level since March 2020.

This decline comes after both Europe and South America are about to emerge from a fairly strong wave of deaths that coincided with the spread of infections in omicron forms.

New Zealand and Australia also reduced their numbers after the launch of Zero Vision.

WHO: All regions have reported a decline

According to an overview from the World Health Organization, all regions of the world are now reporting a decrease in both cases and deaths.

These trends should be interpreted with caution as more countries are changing their testing strategy, resulting in fewer tests being performed and therefore fewer cases, the World Health Organization reports.

According to the World Health Organization, the omicron variant is now completely dominant worldwide: in the last 30 days, 99.5 percent of all sequenced samples were the highly infectious variant, while it was less than 0.1 percent delta.

NIPH: – Expecting further decline

Norway has gone through a rather tragic period in recent weeks with several deaths in the greater part of the population, but the NIPH believes it will now recede.

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The overall assessment of available monitoring data continues to show a clear downward trend in the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization wrote in its weekly report.

The epidemic has passed its peak, and a steady decline in patient admissions due to COVID-19 is expected.

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