– This is a large piece of land. We had our own ski slopes – Groruddalen

– This is a large piece of land. We had our own ski slopes – Groruddalen

For sale historic childhood home in Grorud:

The house at Grorudveien 58, also known as the ‘Kullebunden’ farm, is for sale with an asking price of eighteen and a half million crowns – a house that exudes Grorud’s history!

– It’s sad, but now is the time, says Ellen Margaret Bramnes-Arvidsson

Together with his brother Jürgen, they wandered around the large property that surrounded the house.

Old childhood memories flow here. The plot of land is so big, says Jørgen, that we even had our own ski slopes and ski jumps here.

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Neither the two nor their sister, Han Bramis, will take over the household from their mother, Jorie E. Bramis.

– Unfortunately, for health reasons, the mother can no longer live here. Since we’re all anchored elsewhere, our childhood home is now for sale, Ellen Margaret confirms.

It’s a home that has a history buzz about it, and history is also something we associate most with our mother. Grorud’s “grand old lady”, as we called her in the local papers on several occasions, was among other things very active in Groruddalen Historielag for many years. Countless articles came from her hand, and it is not surprising that the colorful history of Grorud has been the subject of it on several occasions. Deservedly, she was also awarded the Bodel Grorud Cultural Prize several years ago. She has also led many local history tours and, with Anne Finhammer, has written Hiking in Grorud.

Old family history

– The property was originally a house on Grorud’s farm. Our great-grandfather Jørgen Goldbrandsen bought the house in 1870 and settled with his grandmother, Görin. Our grandparents and parents lived here and, as mentioned, we ourselves were raised here. Mother lived here until very recently. There is a family history of more than 150 years in Grorud that is now coming to an end. Of course it sounds strange, Jurgen admits.

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The core of the house is the original log house, which was built in several phases, the last in 1977 with an extension. Although several houses have been gradually added to the original site, one of which was employed by Grorud manufaktur (also related to the family), the plot of land currently being sold around the house is still large.

It was a small farm until the end of the sixties.

The house and property, which have an entrance from Bekkenstenveien, are walled and set behind large trees along Grorudveien. The plot offers a great summer setting with a large relaxing garden and several patios. The car can be parked in a garage or carport. The house is spread over three levels. Basement, first and second floors. The house has 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, several living rooms and rooms as well as plenty of storage space.

The address is Grorudveien 58 and it is located on a plot of land owned by approx. 2228 m2 and the land adjacent to it is owned by the same person. Everything is being sold with almost the entire plot. 3642 sqm.

There is a viewing on the weekend.

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