This is about a miracle – VG

This is about a miracle - VG

AMAZING: The photos will be shown to the crowd in Times Square in New York this week.

The first stunning images from a space telescope that scientists have dubbed the James Webb boundary on a miracle.


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It sets a whole new standard for what we can “see” in the universe.

With the new space telescope, we humans can look far into space, thus going back in time further than we were able to before.

The photos are so amazing that he’s now forgotten that James Webb’s project is 14 years late and 28 times more expensive than the original price.

Stefan’s Pentagram: The image consists of nearly 1,000 different images showing these five galaxies. A space telescope allows zooming in and seeing images of different wavelengths in galaxies. It should make it possible to understand the composition and temperature of gases.

It’s a large, sophisticated mirror that captures light from the first stars and galaxies that formed after the Big Bang.

After reaching an orbit around the Sun at a distance of 1.5 million km, adjusting the eighteen mirror segments, cooling and turning on the five instruments, the telescope sent the first test images.

For all the fans of astronomy, astrophysics and their associated masterpieces, come Christmas Eve early this year.

Difficulty to understand: This image must be so detailed that the researchers themselves are not sure what they are actually seeing.

President Joe Biden was bursting with pride when he had the honor to present the first images, calling them a “new window” on the history of the universe.

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We will see light from the oldest galaxies, the oldest documented light in the universe. More than 13 billion years ago. Let me say it again – 13 billion years. The president admitted that it is difficult to understand.

It’s undoubtedly hard to fathom – in the same year that it’s been 50 years since man last set foot on the moon.

Studying the beginning of the universe will be a major task for the new telescope.

Since the universe is 13.8 billion years old, we can only learn something about it by studying galaxies whose light was 10-13 billion years along the way. Dim light is one of the oldest galaxies.

Proud: President Joe Biden.

The light from the first stars and galaxies that formed after the Big Bang no longer exists as visible light. As the universe expanded, this light expanded and is now visible only as infrared radiation.

Thus, the telescope becomes almost as much a time machine as ours to access the entire history of the universe.

Already on the first day, the James Webb Telescope provided the deepest and most accurate images of the universe ever captured.

The telescope also raises hope of finding planets where there is a basis for life. We hardly ever talk about intelligent life like in science fiction movies, but maybe we’re talking about simple living things?

Either way, this is incredibly cool.

Light has a very high speed. But as long as the distance is long enough, it will take a long time. From the time the sun sends out a beam of light until it hits us here on Earth, it takes just over eight minutes.

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And a few years ago, scientists concluded that the North Star we see in the night sky is what the North Star was 323 years ago.

The farther we are from the telescope in space, the further forward the stars and galaxies will be. The new telescope will help us with this.

Better than ever: The image on the left shows a previous image of the space, while the image on the right is the most recent image taken.

It is such a remarkable feat of engineering that the James Webb Telescope ever works. For example, the huge sunblock – the size of a tennis court – had to be emptied before launch – and then opened after the telescope entered the room.

It should help keep it extremely cold because the instruments in the telescope wouldn’t be able to observe if it wasn’t too cold.

The temperature on the shade side of the sunblock will be 225 degrees below zero. For one device, this is also very “hot” and must be cooled to minus 266 degrees with liquid helium.

It should be noted that Norway also has its share of the credit for the fact that the Webb Telescope is now operational.

Norwegian industry provided technology for the European launch vehicle Ariane 5, with which the James Webb Telescope was launched. The parts came from both Kongsberg and Raufoss.

There is talk that the investment in Webb cost nearly NOK 100 billion.

It’s one of the most expensive science projects ever built, compared to the 27-kilometre particle accelerator at CERN’s particle physics center in Switzerland (which costs barely half).

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Is it worth it? James Webb will have to prove it in the coming years.

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