This is absolutely true, energy production does not just happen

This is absolutely true, energy production does not just happen

Main weight Of all wind power plants in Norway, they are privately owned, and even new production will still depend on subsidies. Wind turbines need to balance the energy from our hydropower, so exporting is a way to privatize Norwegian hydropower production.

How does politics affect the energy sector?

Those who read “Dear Ursula” from Støre's hand to promise that a significant portion (“a big chunk”) of the 30 GW wind power development he dreams of will become available for export to Europe. This resulted in it flowing from the pen of NHO, LO and KS representatives in Trøndelag (address on 9 January). A carefully orchestrated “Yes Minister”, and with Statkraft's new plans for wind energy, Terje Aasland finally received “a good day at work”. The loop is closed in many ways, and they read Eric Bey's book “Jeg vet en vind”.

– With Statkraft's new plans for wind power, Terry Aasland finally had a “good day at work,” writes Bernt Owen. Here is Energy Minister Terje Aasland during a press conference on Norway's hydro and wind energy plans on January 8. Statkraft plans $1 billion in investments in Norwegian hydro and wind power over the next few years. Investment plans in Norway are the largest in many decades. Photo: Rodrigo Freitas/NTB
picture: Rodrigo Freitas/NTB

Topsoil protection in Milhouse, lack of knowledge or policy

Minister of State who After declaring its opposition to nuclear power, Statkraft pats itself on the back when it has to spend $67 billion on developing wind and hydropower plants in Norway. From the beginning, Statkraft has acquired large-scale wind power plants in Europe. They can do this because other major players are selling wind power because of the risks. The Minister's good day at work says nothing about what further wind energy development means for our nature. Regarding hydropower, modernization will lead to minimal interference with nature.

The state wants to establish a wind energy company, it must establish a national nuclear energy company

development Wind energy in the public and private sectors requires energy balancing. When the wind dies down and you're lying on the operating table having heart surgery, something has to take over to provide you with electricity so you don't die. The issue of balance of power has been subtly absent and hidden in the debate. The reason for this lies in the fact that the energy balance for wind energy will have to come from our hydropower, if we do not then develop nuclear energy. If not, nature loses again.

To smell the scent of a camel's donkey. Are Ola and Carrie ready for nuclear power?

According to the numbers From Statistics Norway as of 2023, they show that Norway is a net energy exporter, which amounts to 17.2 TWh. A huge amount of electricity from clean, renewable hydropower that should have been used for industrial development in this country instead of ending up as offset energy for wind power to be delivered to the EU.

“Trust me when it comes to ACER, the price of electricity will not increase for more than 3-4 years,” said Jonas Jar Sture and Erna Solberg.

– The Minister's good day at work says nothing about what further wind energy development means for our nature. As far as hydropower is concerned, modernization would result in minimal interference with nature, Burnett Owen wrote in this post. Photo: Rodrigo Freitas/NTB
picture: Rodrigo Freitas/NTB

the only The “positive” with the government’s impudence in saying “yes, Secretary of State” is that whistleblowers are setting fire to the nuclear power debate. It will now come in full force, nuclear power does not need subsidies, and Norway is sitting on a huge amount of energy in the form of thorium at Finnsfeld in Telemark. Thorium can be developed into reactor fuel. Nuclear power does not need balanced power. Small, decentralized nuclear power plants will increase security of supply and reduce the need for grid development. Nuclear power plants can be placed in mountains and waste stored in old mine shafts. . Will there be anything else before we close?

Fifth discipline It is the art of creating a “learning organization”. In this regard, the government has a long way to go, because on this path they are destroying our nature with the power of the wind.

Renewables are all very well, but we forget that the ax can fall in other areas

Who benefits from the sweat of our ancestors' toil during the development of hydroelectric power in Norway?

Journalists won't write about it, and the energy industry makes the most money by staying silent

Grabbing political dung is better than taming

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