This is Apple’s new “Lockdown” mode

High security mode to protect vulnerable users from attack.

apple Today could introduce a new mode for the iPhone, a mode they call “Lock Mode”. According to Apple, this is “the ultimate optional protection that should only be used if you believe you are in danger of being personally targeted as the target of a highly sophisticated cyber attack.”

The description also mentions that there are very few people this would apply to:

Most people would never be attacked in this way.

In other words, this is not a style for the masses, so who is it for?

In short, the situation can be described as a kind of ‘celebrity status’. In other words, if you are a person of great public interest and information may be exploited by people with malicious intent, then Lockdown may be for you.

Then Apple also says that the threats the status protects you from are in the order of “private state-funded companies that develop malware.”

So it’s not about software developed in the boys’ room by anyone, but rather sophisticated attacks by people who get paid to develop like this.

To prevent such attacks, Lockdown is taking strict measures. Among other things, you won’t be able to receive messages with files or photos attached, or receive FaceTime calls from people you haven’t already approved.

In the browser, some functions will be turned off, you will not be able to connect the phone to other computers and various communication platforms will be disabled.

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In short: if someone gets your phone, either physically or with a virus program, in this mode, it should be fine to get personal information about you.

Apple also confirms that the phone will not behave as usual and will have a limited range of services. Some services will be “completely unavailable”.

The mode will be developed further over time, with new functionality and better security. Along with Lockdown, Apple is also announcing a multi-million spit initiative in organizations working to detect cyberattacks and virus development.

Lockdown will be available for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, and can be activated from Settings on the phone. No concrete global implementation plan has yet been put forward.

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