– This is completely hopeless – VG

– This is completely hopeless – VG
The queue of passports was long before the doors opened at the police station in Oslo.

Two hundred people stand in line from the Greenland camp to the police station in Oslo. Many have tried to recover their passports several times before, but had to give up.


Sylvia Paulsen, 35, arrived from injury around 5 a.m. Wednesday.

– For the first time I waited three hours to go to work. The second time I was here for four hours. The third time I came was at eight, when it was a hundred ahead of me. I left eight hours later.

When VG met her on Wednesday, she had been waiting in line for 18 hours.

The Oslo woman works full-time as a social worker in a nursing home. The passport he had to take was that of his daughter Bella (12). They go on vacation in the UK for a week, air tickets and hotels are arranged.

– A counter is open for us only to pick up the passport or have an emergency passport. They say more resources cannot be added. This is completely hopeless. They know the queue exists, but it doesn’t matter.

Sylvia Paulsen says they were active five times an hour when they were last in the police station.

– Everyone is equally frustrated. The woman standing first says she doesn’t know whether to laugh or not.

You have to wait at least seven weeks to get the passport. Less time to order a passport or national identity card.

100,000 Norwegians Waiting to get a passport – And many of them are afraid that the summer holidays will be over.

The high demand and lack of electronic chips for passports is the cause of the confusion. But many are critical of how the police organize the queue.

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Nandan Anand (48) stood in line with his wife and son for six and a half hours to get a passport. Last Monday, he arrived after eight and received serial number 77.

– Then I went. The assistant nurse at Stownerskogen Retirement Home says we have to work and we don’t get time off from work.

Class was booked in February. On April 21, the family had a meeting at the passport office in Tramen. Anand chose to pick up passports because he was determined to take them with him.

– As residents we need to be a little more vigilant and check when the passport expires. I think the police are doing their best and Anand hopes to be able to go on holiday to Sri Lanka in July.

Anders Flicks (56).

Anders Flicks is in line for the third time. The first time never came in line.

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– Yesterday I was here at ten or eight, the number became 14. One and a half months later they reached number six. Then I had to go to a meeting at work, says the 56-year-old.

Flicks goes on vacation to the Netherlands and admits that the reason is that he did not find his passport expired on time. Now he wants an emergency passport, which only applies to the trip in question.

– I expect it to be processed today, but I do not know if I will get a passport.

Marthe Litomt with Christopher (12) and Caroline (9).

Caroline (9) plays the clarinet at Smågardistene at Stாbeck School and is looking forward to traveling abroad with the Corps to Bournemouth.

– Although he only travels to Denmark, the Corps leadership says he must have a passport when traveling alone, explains Marthe Lidomot, Caroline’s mother from Bekestova.

During the winter holidays, I was able to get an appointment today at the passport office.

– I thought it would be nice to get an hour a month for Caroline’s departure, but now it’s not so promising. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Anne Brown-Olson (58).

Anne Brown-Olson (58) has a meeting on June 22 for a normal passport. But she wants to protect herself with an emergency passport, so July is a sailing holiday in Croatia.

– Being a passport barrier is absolutely horrible, when we finally get the chance to live, travel and enjoy ourselves, says Brun-Olson.

She hopes to reach the counter before meeting at work at ten.

– If not, I’d like to spend the short day standing in line on Friday. No one else charged except me, the passport expired in September.

Rebecca Kittlestad (35) holds Jacob in her lap and Olav (4) holds the umbrella. In front is Asquir (2) holding the hand of his mother Marit Lomundal Chetar.

At the foot of the hill, two acquaintances from the maternity ward, before the doors of the police station open at eight o’clock.

– We have lots of grapes, biscuits, an iPad and a surprise, says Rebecca Kidlestadt (35), who arranges passports for Jacob (2) and Olav (4).

His family is heading to Turkey for autumn vacation, while his son Marg Lomundel Seder, 36, needs a passport for his son Ascair (2) before leaving for Italy in early July.

– Maybe we should have left at a better time. It is natural for everyone to have a passport at the same time, says Chetar.

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