This is happening now – VG

This is happening now - VG

Operations London Bridge – and Operation Unicorn launched. Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96 after seven decades on the throne.


The Queen’s death was reported at 7:30pm on Thursday.

‘London Bridge is malfunctioning’ is the symbol of the implementation of Operation London Bridge, an overarching protocol that set out guidelines for how Buckingham Palace, political authorities, the Church, law enforcement, state administration and civil society leadership should act when the King dies – that is, how they have been dealing with him over the past few hours.

This is now being run in parallel with Operation Unicorn, a separate protocol for what happens when the Queen died while in Scotland.

you will do Edinburgh news It is transported by special train from Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire to Edinburgh.

There the coffin will be taken to St Giles’ Cathedral, where the public will have the opportunity to pay their respects, before another train takes the coffin to London.

She will reportedly be buried alongside her husband – Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip – in Windsor.

Planned since the sixties

Operation London Bridge is the basic plan surrounding death.

On the BBC, the scheme surrounding the Queen’s death has been repeated since the mid-1960s, when Operation London Bridge first became known to the public.

Queen Elizabeth herself was the main architect behind most of what happens.

The BBC, like Sky and ITV, will move in the next two weeks to a separate broadcast schedule with dedicated news updates, royal photos and documentaries that the media and dedicated staff have been preparing for years for this watershed in the kingdom’s history. Radio stations have pre-programmed playlists.

The new king will give his first televised address.

A memorial service will be announced at St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of London, where Prime Minister Liz Truss and her closest ministers will attend.

The service should appear “spontaneous”, according to the documentation Politico They have access to.

The detailed evidence of the death of the Queen consists of Full set of protocols For the day of death itself – which is called D-day – and for the following days.

They have the code names D-day + 1, that is, the day after death is known, D-day + 2, which is the next day, and even D-day + 10 and D-day +12, which are respectively the actual funeral day and the twelfth and last day of Official national mourning.

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At 11 o’clock in Norway comes the so-called accession board together in St. James Palace. Here at the official residence of the British monarch, the claimant to the throne ceremoniously accepts the act of ownership.

Officially, Charles was king from the moment his mother died.

Reverse accession board Confirms the heir to the throne who chose him.

The British crown prince since 1952 could choose to keep his baptismal name and take the historically-charged royal name Charles – then he would become Charles III – or, quite likely, take the names of the two monarchs he looks like himself. Until, that is, his great-grandfather and great-grandfather, and become George VII.

Despot King Charles I was beheaded by Oliver Cromwell. Charles II dissolved Parliament, ruled the country single-handedly, and was known for his decadent and amusing court.

And Charles’ wife Camilla? She would be a queen if the bookmakers believed.

British commentators have described the Duchess’ rehabilitation as a quiet success for the monarchy, but a possible promotion from Her Royal Highness to Her Majesty would be the ultimate test of how accepting Camilla really is.

In 2016, the Duchess of Cornwall, i.e. Camilla, was included in the assembly making up the ceremonial accession council, which means she will be present at St James’s Palace when the next king of the island kingdom is summoned to death.

It has been interpreted as a sign of what will happen when Charles accepts his share and may proclaim Camilla as his queen.

The wedding: Queen Elizabeth was only 21 when she married Philip Mountbatten – born Prince of Greece and Denmark in 1947.

Another question is which of the other 14 countries in which Elizabeth II was queen still wanted the monarch of Great Britain to be their head of state.

This is called the Commonwealth (Commonwealth realms), and includes independent countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Bahamas, and Jamaica. She is also the symbolic head of the Commonwealth of Nations (United Nations Association) made up of 34 other republics and five countries with different monarchs.

The job of head of state for these 53 countries is not included in the genetic job description. It was a personal relationship and a direct relationship of trust between Queen Elizabeth and the individual state that made it possible for the idea of ​​a shadow empire to continue under the British crown.

Nobody expected this to continue under Charles. In both Australia and New Zealand there is a broad cross-party movement to introduce a republic when “The Second Elizabethan Era” at its end.

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Barbados made its flying debut in 2021. On National Day, November 30, the Caribbean tourism commission declared itself an independent republic and replaced the Queen as head of state with Mrs. Sandra Mason, the country’s first president.

The new King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be tasked with keeping the island kingdom together. The nationalist forces in both Scotland and Ireland want something else.

her Majesty First royal work Absolutely is to swear that he wills Kirk protectionthe National Presbyterian Church of Scotland, to keep it Protestant.

Historic insurance policy, probably, in the event that Scottish Catholics should again begin to plot against it Anglo-British throne. But not only. The British crown paid their respects to The supremacy of the Scottish Church It is a crucial premise in the Charter of the Scots-English Confederation of 1707.

The new king will receive the Prime Minister and the government in an extraordinary meeting at 16:30 Norwegian time.

This is the beginning of Operation Springflo, the code name for the heir to the throne and the formal discharge of royal duties and privileges.

41 salute shots were fired in Hyde Park. It’s about seven minutes of artillery fire.

D-Day + 2:

Honoring the late king at “Lit de parade” – Public Funeral Crematorium – i Throne room at Buckingham Palace. Immediate staff, many of whom have worked for the Queen for more than 50 years, will be given the opportunity to bid farewell in person.

The parliaments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland come together and meet to pledge allegiance to the new greatness.

D-Day + 3:

The king receives condolences Westminster Hall. This is the oldest part of Parliament House, the Palace of Westminster, and it was built as early as 1097 by William the Conqueror’s son, King William II.

Once the largest in Europe, the historic hall has been the country’s grand hall since the 12th century. It has witnessed many banquets and ceremonies associated with coronations and royal deaths.

One of the few civilians who, over the past thousand years, has been in an illuminated procession here, is Winston ChurchillLegendary British Prime Minister. The last royal family was the Queen Mother in 2002.

In the afternoon, Charles will begin a tour of Great Britain, where he will visit the parliaments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. A memorial service for the Queen will take place at the capital’s cathedrals in Edinburgh, which is the first stop, of course, as well as in Belfast and Cardiff.

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In the new king’s first itinerary, it is specifically stated that he wants to “meet people wherever they are.” One of his advisors, who commented anonymously on the corresponding London Bridge operation WatchmanHe says that “from day one it will be about the people, not the leaders”, and that this will reflect the changing attitude of the new monarchy under his rule.


Charles arrives in Northern Ireland. An official condolence ceremony will be held in Hillsborough Castle. The King then attends a memorial service at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast.

D+5 day:

The Queen’s casket will be carried in procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where Britain’s tallest monarch – at her request – will lie in an open casket for four days.

The royal tradition of majesty at a public funeral pyre – lit de parade – is nothing more historical than the fact that it was introduced by King Olaf’s grandfather, Edward VII.

When his open coffin was laid in Westminster Hall, it marked the end of royal life, but also the beginning of a royal era: the balance between the high and the low.

D-Day + 6 through D-Day + 9:

Westminster Hall will remain open 23 hours a day until most people have a chance to say goodbye to the Queen.

Next to the casket carrying the casket, the royal emblems will be arranged:

the scepter, topped with what was once the largest known diamond in the world, the Cullinan; Imperial apples in gold, decorated with 402 precious stones and 375 pearls, made for the coronation of Charles II in 1661 (after Oliver Cromwell smelted all the jewels of the English crown); And the so-called imperial crown, the tiara containing 3,000 diamonds, which the king wears on his head during the Parliament Opening Ceremony when reading the Speech to the Throne.

The documents describing Operation London Bridge are no more secret than portions of its contents appearing at irregular intervals in the British media, often unintentionally. Connection with Changes to the original plan.

However, that was only then Watchmanwith supplementary articles in conservative newspapers The Daily Telegraph and The Times, in 2017, grouped several partial reports together, so that the overall picture became known.

  • This article is an updated, edited, and abridged version of This is a case of VG +written by VG commentator Yngve Kvistad.

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