This is happening today – Monday

This is happening today – Monday

Dividend funds have done very well so far this year, despite rising inflation and tight monetary policy. Landkreditt Utbytte did the best, with a 9.1 percent return.

Landkreditt Ubyttyte is administered by Truls Haugen. He notes that the fund wants to see companies that actually pay dividends, and not just expect to be able to do so in the future. The best sign of quality, according to Haugen, is that companies can reinvest the result at a good return.

In Lindoja outside Oslo, the owner of the cabin wanted to pay NOK 120,000 to buy the gig site. Now the Burgartinge Court of Appeal has decided that she has to pay ten times as much for a 200-square-meter plot of land.

Cabins on islands in the Oslofjord often cost several million kroner to buy. Last year, a 29-square-meter cabin was sold for 7.3 million, despite the fact that the owner of the cabin does not own the plot itself. It is owned by the state, while the owners of the booths pay an annual registration fee.

Many shares in Oslo Borse are now priced very low on earnings multiples for this year and next. Hans Thrane Nielsen, portfolio manager at Storebrand, believes one of the reasons for this is that foreign investors don’t want to buy them because they’re Norwegian.

Nielsen believes there are similarities to what we see in the currency market. He calls it the “Out of Norway” factor.

In leadership positions Trygve Hejnar writes about Bjornar Moxnes, party leader in Rudet. The fact that Moxnes was caught stealing sunglasses from a shop in Gardermoen is sensational.

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The worst is trying to explain. We’re guessing Moxnes agreed to the NOK 3,000 offer because he understood what the cameras were showing. Thief, thief, Hegnar writes.

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