June 10, 2023


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This is how Klopp explains the explosion Supporters club of the Norwegian club Liverpool

On Thursday afternoon, it became clear that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had been suspended for two matches following his outburst following the Tottenham game at Anfield. In addition, the German was fined £75,000.

After the incident, Klopp was given the opportunity to explain himself to the Football Association. Now what the German wrote has been published as an explanation.

Klopp wrote this

“I want to begin this letter by saying the most important thing; I am sorry. I apologize for my reaction at the moment in which I lunged at Mr. Brooks and accept that the warning was due,” German begins the letter, which is reproduced by liverpool echo.

“I accept it and accept the validity of the yellow card. At the same time I apologize for the substance of my post-match interview. It was not my intention, but I see now that I seem to question Mr Tierney’s integrity. I take responsibility for that.”

“The words I used were inappropriate. Both events were motivated by emotion. I got really frustrated with some of the decisions that led to feelings of injustice.”

“I carried that frustration with me in my post-match interviews. I ask you to view my comments in context; managers have to do direct post-match interviews. This makes it difficult to have a more measured entrance.”

exhaust: Klopp was not harsh in his mention of Tierney.

“At the same time, English is not my language, and sometimes what I say and what I mean to see can vary. To avoid doubt, I tried to express what I felt while dealing with the frustration of several decisions during the match.”

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“It was a matter of sentiment. To be absolutely clear, I know that Mr. Tierney and all the other justices are doing their jobs without any bias or prejudice.”

“That’s no excuse but I think we’ve made up a large proportion of Mr Tierney’s games this season? About 20% of the games he’s officiated have involved my team. It’s not defence, but an observation, and that may be why frustration builds up over several incidents over a period of time.” longer”.

“I hope it will be possible to see in my next press conference (Tuesday 2 May 2023) that I wanted to clarify and correct what I said in an interview with Sky Sports, which took place just minutes after the end of a dramatic match,” he said in the letter.

You can read the message below.

Where does the road go next for the four who are now bidding farewell to Liverpool?

Where does the road go next for the four who are now bidding farewell to Liverpool?

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Confirmed: The quartet will leave the club this summer

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