This is how much prize money Casper Rudd and Victor Hovland played in 2022

This is how much prize money Casper Rudd and Victor Hovland played in 2022
Profitable year: Casper Rudd (TV) and Victor Hovland can cheer the bank all the way after their sporting achievements in 2022.

Tennis profile Casper Ruud has collected NOK 46 million on this year’s ATP Tour. In doing so, he brings his total to 129 million, behind golfer Viktor Hovland.


According to the ATP sites it has Casper Road He won a total of NOK 129.8 million during his career in singles and doubles. 46 million of those come from singles alone in this year’s season, as Rudd has played to two Grand Slam finals and won three titles at the ATP 250 level. In addition, he’s played the final in the ATP Qualifiers.

Of the 46 million, half came from the final appearance in the French Open Championship And the US Open Championship. The 23-year-old lost both, but received $11.5m in the final loss to Rafael Nadal in Paris, while in New York he had $12.9m in a “consolation prize” after defeating Spanish shooting star Carlos Alcaraz.

After the tournament in the United States, he also reached the second place in the ATP ranking. in the ATP Qualifiers Lost the final As for Novak Djokovic, but second place still gives him an impressive amount of around NOK 20 million.

Three titles

The three titles that Rudd has won have all been on clay, which has been Rudd’s favorite surface so far in his career. He achieved a double victory in Switzerland when he won both Gstaad And the Genevawhile the latter came in Argentina Buenos Aires. The wins gave him around NOK 2.5 million in total.

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46 million is more than double what it was in 2021, when he won five ATP Tour titles. Then he scored just over 20 million. Despite having fewer titles this year, the Grand Slam Finals, as well as the ATP Qualifiers, have rewarded him for his efforts.

Ruud has elevated his hardcourt game this year and can hope for stronger tournament results in the years to come.

Hovland is slightly behind

Norwegian golf star Victor Hofland It made NOK 75 million in 2022 and grossed NOK 131 million.

In 2022, he won two championships. One win came European Tour Championships in Dubaiwhich gave him about NOK 12 million, while the other came recently The World Challenge was hosted by Tiger Woods in the Bahamas. She gave him about 10 million.

He also came second in the Arnold Palmer Invitational Championships and fourth in the Grand Prix British Open in Scotland. He received 9 million for the post of Arnold Palmer, while he received 6.5 for the post in Great Britain.

A number of other good results gave him a total of just over 75 million and took him past NOK 130 million in total, according to the PGA Tour pages.

In addition to the sports stars’ earnings on the field, there is also sponsorship income.


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