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Viktoria Djupvik Råd (16) og Silje Eliin Djupvik Råd (15)

– It would be absolutely awesome! This would be the top of the cake, says Victoria Djupvik Rudd, 16, who is thrilled with the reported nice weather in the Sunnfjord to start school.

You’ll start in first grade in high school, while sister Silje Eiliin Djupvik Råd will be in tenth grade in middle school.

– It will be very good with nice weather. Then it will be a summer dress for the first day of school, Djupvik told Råd.

Rainy Cities in Rogaland

And meteorologists can prepare the two of good weather for the start of school. In western Norway, one can expect some sunshine in several places.

The first part of the day was a little rainy. Next, we let it clear up with a lighter cloud cover, says state meteorologist Ingrid Halland Soldal.

But not all places in the country fit shorts and sunglasses on the first day of school. In parts of Rogaland, you may want to find a raincoat and an umbrella.

– Perhaps Rogaland is the host duo. Where a large number of rain is expected, especially in the southern parts. It’s worse in the early morning, late afternoon and evening, Soldal says.

During school time, they may be lucky and have accommodation, so they have a good day at school. The southern parts are the most exposed, the meteorologist adds, so the weather at home will likely be from Haugesund all the way to Stavanger.

The weather changes: Both shorts and an umbrella can suit the first day of school, depending on where in the country you live.


varied weather

The weather curriculum looks complicated, so everything from summer clothes to rainwear can be the right clothing — depending on the choir in the country the school is in, meteorologists wrote on Twitter.

Here are some key words for the weather on August 16:

  • Trondelag: Only southern parts will receive precipitation early in the day. Light cloud cover and weather stay throughout the county.
  • More og RomesdaL: Inland areas get some rainfall early in the day. Other than that, lighter cloud cover and mostly stay weather.
  • WestlandBy : Sogn og Fjordane: Some precipitation early in the day, especially in the interior. Nice weather on the coast with lighter cloud cover and keep weather. In turn, more winds in Sogn og Fjordane. The wind is in the north direction, it can come in small and harsh winds on the coast. From the afternoon it will be light in the rest of the area and there will be periods of sunshine. Hordaland: Some rain falls on the coast in the morning, especially in the southern parts. Then a lot of staying in the weather and periods of sun for the rest of the day. Maybe a little unsafe for rain indoors in the late afternoon.
  • Rogaland: Expect a large number of rain, especially in the southern parts, and there may be heavy rain in the cities. Worst in the early morning and afternoon/evening. There may be choppy weather during the day. The southern parts of the county are the most exposed, from Haugesund to Stavanger, the weather will be mostly at home.
  • Austlandet / SørlandetThe weather at home in Austland is often the eve/early afternoon. It might be raining a little further north inland, towards the mountainous region. Afternoon towns are expected along the coast of Austlandet and Sørlandet. There can be strong local towns in the afternoon.
  • Northern Norway: Changing cloud cover and accommodation weather mostly in the whole area.
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