This is how the following iPhones will be:

This is how the following iPhones will be:

Apple launches September 7 at 19 Norwegian time at the head office in Cupertino, California.

A night sky with a constellation in the shape of the Apple logo decorates this year’s invitation. This has led to speculation that there will be a major camera upgrade, for night or remote shooting, he writes CNN.

And by tradition, the company itself was a little detail-oriented before the launch.

However, tech expert Magnus Brøyn believes that many of the rumors have something to do with it.

We can expect the iPhone where the biggest revolution is related to the camera, he says.

Bigger but not more expensive

Just as the company has done every year for nearly a decade, Apple is expected to show off its latest series of iPhones in the fall.

According to Brøyn, the new models will have the same screen size, which is currently 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

However, rumors have it that they will also release a 6.7 screen model without Pro functionality, he writes CNN. This means that it will have a large screen, without getting a much higher price tag.

Apple probably won’t change the design or significantly rebuild the body. Brøyn says the design of the phones will be more or less the same, but with a few cosmetic changes.

The so-called “bus pocket,” the black tab at the top of the screen, will likely disappear, according to the expert.

It’s something many other manufacturers have changed for a long time, with the goal of making use of the entire screen surface in the best possible way, says Brøyn.

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Battery life will probably be improved a bit.

Apple has also designed an A16 system chip that will make the phone faster, but it is currently unknown if the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will both get them.

Tech expert: Magnus Brøyn is the president of PR agency Coxit and an above average tech savvy. Photo: private

One of the biggest changes

Brøyn believes there is good reason to speculate about better photography in the dark or at a distance with the new phones, especially for the new Pro model.

From today’s 12MP, it will likely launch with a 48MP camera.

– This upgrade is fierce. Brøyn says improved optics means you get creative and better photos even when conditions aren’t ideal.

The fact that the camera gets such a better resolution also makes it possible to shoot in 8K.

He writes: “If this happens, it could be one of the biggest changes in iPhone camera quality to date” CNN.

Upgrading the optics in conjunction with the fact that you get better built-in camera technology on the software side simply means a much better camera experience. That would mean a lot to many, says Bruen.

Another point the expert highlights is that the display will likely improve, from 60Hz to 120Hz, on the new Pro models.

– Here, Apple has fallen behind many others, and earlier they were expected to increase the update frequency, but now it is likely that this will finally happen, which will give a more dynamic screen image.

It will be more expensive

With better technology, the price is also expected to be higher.

Unfortunately, the price point will go up. These will be the most expensive iPhones we’ve seen, says Brøyn.

In addition to the better components in phones, it is also being launched at a time when the price of all electronic devices is rising due to the lack of components and the high rate of inflation.

Although the rate does not necessarily increase much in dollars, Brøyn believes we should be prepared for a higher rate in NOK due to the exchange rate.

You just have to attach a picture of the seat, take out the ball frame and make an assessment of how much you can and are willing to spend on a new phone, he says.

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