This is how they have cheated by paying huge sums in the bank

This is how they have cheated by paying huge sums in the bank

In total, the police believe that NOK could have given more than 100 million loans in this case.

It was revealed when the police filed the case Coordinated action against the three on Wednesday, April 6th. Subsequently, another person was arrested and jailed in this case.

– We have done a lot from the act where I can say nothing for tactical reasons. “We are still in the early stages and there is a lot of work to be done in connection with such a big case,” police lawyer Jorn Johannsen told Lich TV2 in the Eastern Police District.

Three different roles

One month after the operation, the police can say a little more about how they believe corruption has taken place.

Police prosecutor Lich believes those involved can be divided into three categories.

– There are customers who pay bribes, then there are intermediaries who take bribes and connect the customer with the bank employee, and it is the bank employees who take the bribe to handle loan applications, he says.

– How many customers are we talking about?

– This is the big question. At the initial stage, we were told that the total NOK was more than 10 million. As the case progresses, Lychee says, we may be in a position to raise $ 100 million.

Police see two bank employees and two intermediaries among those jailed so far in the case.

– When looking at the purpose and complexity of the case, it is absolutely obvious that there could be more arrests, he says.

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Two bank employees work at a bank in Oslo. TV2 has been in contact with the bank and says they are cooperating well with the police. That confirms Lychee.

– We have a conversation with the bank with the purpose of the investigation and I think we have good cooperation, he says.

Denies criminal offense

The four detainees have been jailed due to the risk of losing witnesses.

“Although many were imprisoned several weeks ago, there is reason to believe that others may have been involved,” the Court of Appeals wrote in a statement issued on April 28.

“Therefore the police should map out the network without giving the accused the opportunity to inform others involved or to modify and coordinate their interpretations,” the court added.

“Police need time to protect traces and values ​​in cryptocurrencies and to review digital storage media, without giving the perpetrators the opportunity to seize them.”

Dismissed Appeal: The 30-year-old appealed against the prison sentence to the Court of Appeals in Portgard, but was unsuccessful. Photo: Fraud Sunday / TV2

The man, whom police believe to have acted as an intermediary, has pleaded not guilty and explained to police. His defense attorney, Frederick Berg, declined to comment on the case.

Looking forward to the explanation

The trio, who were arrested a month ago, are still in custody.

Christian Fleming Johansson, a lawyer defending one of the bank’s employees, says keeping his client in custody is a huge burden.

– The case is extensive and I understand that the police have begun a major investigation. So things should take some time, but we still expect a quick explanation of my client’s role and way forward.

– What do you think it could cost more than 100 million kroner, according to police?

– I notice the amount, but at the moment he says he does not want to have any opinion about it except that it seems to be too much.

Lawyer Inam Kaus Ali, a lawyer for the other bank employee, did not want to comment on the case. Lawyer Osama Ahmed, who is defending the fourth person, was also absent.

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