This is how this year’s VG roster – you can contribute to the broadcast – turns into VG

This is how this year's VG roster - you can contribute to the broadcast - turns into VG
DUO: Program leaders Vijard Harm and Kristen Danke are ready for VG 2021 roster. They led the program together in 2019.

This year’s concert will be broadcast live from the Deichman Library in Oslo, and you are invited to contribute to the broadcast.


This year, as last year, There will be changes At the traditional concert of VG List due to the Corona pandemic. But now the host of the 2019 show is Vegard Harm and Christine Dancke in place again. Artists Emma Steinbecken, Camlin and Emily Hollow are some of those who will appear on the stage.

During the concert, you can also participate in the broadcast by sending a photo or commenting on the main page of the broadcast at Both parts will be used in broadcasts. Young people across Norway also contributed to this year’s VG list song.

“We will charter Norway by broadcasting as if you were a proud, big and lush fjord,” says Vigaard Harm.

The VG-list party starts on the 21st, Saturday 28th August – and can be watched live on and VGTV.

Half an hour before the ceremony, the stage was set for our live broadcast of the “red carpet” as the artists and celebrities got ready.

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It’ll be the VG roster again this year – Figard Harm and Kristen Danke lead the show

On stage at the Deichman Bjørvika Library in Oslo, the audience will be invited, but the whole of Norway is invited to watch the concert live online.

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This will lead

  • Chris Holsten
  • Marcus and Martinus
  • Maria Petra
  • Victoria Nadine
  • beauty
  • CLMD and Turin
  • Emily Hollow
  • Issa and Dottie Dior
  • the father
  • Saunderi Gustad and Musti
  • Robin
  • keno
  • Emma Steinbacken
  • Hagel

“It’s going to be great and great with so many “talented artists” and the audience and I and Kristen driving you all the time,” says Harm.

The presenters will also check the broadcast homepage at to answer viewers’ questions.

VG List repeats the concept of the year’s most important song. Young people from all over the country contributed to writing songs. The result is what you call VG Norwegian youth voice Performed by artist and songwriter Emily Hollow.

It can be seen in cinemas

What’s new this year is that VG’s roster is streaming live in cinemas. Here you can watch the concert with others:

  • Lillehammer Keno
  • Vadso Keno
  • Voss Cinemas
  • Storin Keno
  • Al Mouj Cinema
  • Hgertens Keno
  • The Keno
  • Ardal Kino
  • Charlie Film Center
  • Harstad Kino

Mediehuset VG is a VG List Organizer. VG’s editorial coverage of the event is based on own editorial board evaluations.

Correction: A previous version of this case stated that broadcasts can also be watched on NRK 1, which is not true. The right thing is to send this year’s VG list And on VGTV. Status last updated on 26.08.2021 at 18:24.

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